A Darker Blood

Finally, I’ve got round to self publishing my first novel. Since getting the rights back from my publisher, I’ve re-vamped (see what I did there) the cover and launched it on Amazon.

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A Darker Blood

First in the Verado series


The moon was no more than a sharp-white crescent—a vivid contrast to the starless blanket of black it rested upon. It was bright but not bright enough to illuminate the beach in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

The girl lay motionless in the man’s arms as he carried her across the sand to the rhythmic lapping of the tide. Her vision glazed as his image burned its way into her retinas with all the permanency of a photograph. She closed her eyes and her chest heaved as her failing lungs fought for their final breath. With her short life ebbing away, she fell from his arms into the clear, shallow waters beneath.

The cool tide began licking her skin and filling her nose and mouth with noxious liquid. Paralysed and incoherent, she lay there while the unforgiving waves spat and fizzed against the rocks nearby. Her deep auburn hair lay fanned out in a halo sprinkled through with grains of shimmering crystal. Each new wave formed a fresh well of water that pooled around her features, drowning her hazel eyes and stealing her soul from within them.

One arm lay across her body whilst the other lay gracefully by her side. The rushing water played her fingers like the ivory keys of a piano.

As her blood continued to seep from the fatal wound, it was cleansed by an ocean trying desperately to restore the girl’s mortal beauty.

Her backpack lay beside her—a poignant marker of the final days of the girl’s life and the only clue as to her identity. It quickly filled with water, turning the bright-red fabric burgundy, and ruining the contents forever.

* * * *

It’d been a moment of weakness. He thought his bloodlust was under control until that girl had crossed his path and his instincts took over. He’d suppressed those morbid urges for such a long time—it was hard, to the point of painful. He just couldn’t help himself. The relief at causing her death was immeasurable—like a high-pressure valve had been released deep inside of him.

The remorseless butcher walked away from the girl’s body without looking back. His footprints in the sand disappeared as fast as they formed as he strode along Aghia Pelagia’s quiet shoreline, leaving his latest victim to the mercy of the ocean.

As her body became weightless, it was carried beyond the sand, beyond the fizzing white foam and into the livid black waters of the Mediterranean.

For a while, it would remain lost beneath the tide—swallowed by the insatiable appetite of the ocean.


Chapter One


Nicole Silverson woke to the sound of her mobile as it vibrated its way off the side table and wedged itself under the bed. Refusing to open her eyes, she clambered to reach it, inadvertently switching it on.

“Hello?” she rasped, cleared her throat, and repeated, “Hello?”

“Nicole? It’s me.”

“Oh hey, Jules.”

“Sounding a bit croaky there—did I wake you up?”

“Yeah, why what time is it?”

“Twelve here, so one for you I think.”

Forcing her eyes open, she glanced around the room. The early afternoon sun was streaming in through the small window and specks of dust spiralled playfully in the hazy beams.

“Late night?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Sounds like Anna’s been leading you astray again?”

“Hey, be nice. Anna’s great…she’s really taken me under her wing. I don’t know what I’d do without her?”

“Hmm, I remember what it was like last summer. You and me, hanging out in bars until three, and then me carrying you back to the hotel in a drunken stupor.”

“I think you’re forgetting who was carrying who,” countered Nicole.

“Ahh, don’t mind me—I’m just jealous. I wish I could’ve come with you this time. You’ve got the sunshine and the social life and I’m stuck here with your ex-boyfriend crying on my shoulder. You do realize you owe me big time?”

Nicole didn’t need reminding of the guilt she was still suffering for ending a four-year relationship. Rob was someone, who, she sincerely believed, deserved better.

“Yeah, I know. How is he?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“I guess not. I did the right thing, Jules. Rob just needs a bit more time to come to terms with it. It’ll be better in the long run. Well, anyway, when are you coming out to see me?” She sat up pushing a mass of dark blonde tangles away from her eyes, trying unsuccessfully to stifle a yawn.

“What’s the temperature like in Crete, in August?” asked Julia.

“Crazy-hot, just how you like it.”

“Mmm, well August it is then. So what are you up to today?”

“You really want to know?” Nicole couldn’t resist mocking Julia’s earlier words.

“Yeah, go on; see if you can make me even more jealous.”

“Okay, once I prise myself out of bed, I’ll head down to the beach ’til I can’t take anymore sun. Then I’ll come back for a nap before catching Anna for a drink when she’s finished at the restaurant. You?”

“Okay, okay, enough. I’m at work—working.”

“Hmm, is that what you call it?”

“Yeah, speaking of which, Mackenzie’s on the warpath. I’d better go. Call me soon. Miss you.”

The line went dead before Nicole had a chance to respond.

Julia had been Nicole’s best friend since pre-school and to say she missed her was an understatement. Nicole pictured Julia; so familiar, so pretty with shoulder-length, dark hair and skin that turned golden with a mere glimpse of sunshine. Her eyes stung as she tried to stop them from filling up. When you’re away from home and from everyone you love—you have to stay strong and Nicole was trying her hardest to stay strong.

Dressed simply in a denim skirt and white T-shirt, Nicole left her Stalis apartment and arrived at The Azure Pool Bar just after midnight. It was fairly quiet, with just a smattering of stray drinkers who’d staggered in off Malia’s chaotic Beach Road. Malia was a haven for partygoers and, for some time, had been known as the ‘Club Capital’ of Crete.

The barman glanced up with a smile as Nicole grabbed a stool. “What can I get you, honey?” His accent remained true to his west-Canadian roots.

“Just a couple of bottles of Bud please, Chris.”

“A couple? Buying me drinks already, Nicole, that’s pretty forward. Not that I’m complaining.” His grin spread shamelessly.

Warmth rose in her cheeks. “Don’t flatter yourself, the other one’s for Anna. She’ll be along any minute.”

“Ahh, that’s too bad, but you can’t blame a guy for trying.” He popped the tops off the bottles and set them on the bar. “So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company this evening?”

“It was Anna’s choice to start out here, so it’s really her you should thank.”

“Don’t worry, I will. That’s what I love about that girl—she’s got such good taste. Anyway, you ladies have a good time.” He turned to serve an older couple settling themselves at the bar.

Chris managed The Azure Pool Bar. He was an easygoing, mild mannered character who Nicole already considered a friend. His unruly blond hair complemented his steel-grey eyes and he emitted calmness and magnetism that drew people towards him. It was a charming trait apparent in a few of Nicole’s new friends. She hoped they found her equally as easy to be around, but somehow doubted it.

Glancing out to the darkness of the outdoor pool, its restful surface glinted and sparkled with reflections from nearby street-lamps. Hypnotised by the dancing facets, Nicole considered her reasons for returning to Crete. Since her visit the previous summer, the island had a draw on her that she couldn’t quite explain. But it was the loose tales of witchcraft and sorcery that’d given her the reason she needed to return to the largest of the Greek islands. She intended to find out all she could and put a book together upon her return to England. It would be her second paranormal publication, and with the help of her new contacts, she was keen to make a start on it.

Nicole was lost in her musings by the time Anna arrived. The young, bohemian waitress snuck up beside her.

“Hey, daydreamer,” she whispered, then put down her bag and pulled up a stool.

“Oh hey, Anna—finally made it then. Have you got anything new for me?”

“Are we talking about your research into the paranormal or into the barman?” Considering she’d just put in a five-hour shift at the restaurant, Anna was vivacious and sparkled with energy.

“Well, what can I say? He’s hot!” The words fell from Nicole’s lips before her brain had a chance to engage. She glanced over hoping Chris hadn’t heard, but her gaze was met, causing the heat in her cheeks to intensify.

Chris smirked and turned away.

“Yeah, looks like he feels the same about you.” A schoolgirl grin moulded Anna’s features. “Anyway, did you bring your book for me?”

“Yeah, it’s in here somewhere.” Nicole rooted around her bag and pulled out a black hardback. As she handed it to Anna, her fingers brushed across the glossy printed cover and over the swirly-silver lettering that read—OUR HAUNTED ISLE by N. E. Silverson.

Nicole often glanced over her previous work as a reminder that she was capable of such an accomplishment. Although it hadn’t made the ‘Best Seller’ list, it was generating enough of an income to allow her to survive modestly.

“So this is what you did before you came here?” Anna stared momentarily at the cover image, which displayed a crumbling tomb swathed in ivy and surrounded by rusty iron bars—intended to either keep somebody out, or somebody in. “So you think some of these stories originate here?”

“Maybe not originate, but somehow found their way here over the years—yes. That’s why I came…research.”

Anna’s smile faded. “I don’t like your chances; the Cretans are pretty wrapped up in their own mythology. I can’t imagine they’d welcome any foreign imports.”

Her dismissal was a little surprising. Nicole had been led to believe, by Anna’s colleagues, that she had an overwhelming interest in the supernatural, so assumed she’d be a bit more enthusiastic. Refusing to be disheartened, Nicole replied, “Not to worry, I’ll head over to the old town sometime. I noticed a few churches over there. Someone might know something. You could come with me if you want.”

“I don’t know—maybe. Can I keep hold of this for a while?”

Nicole nodded.

Anna put the book in her bag and glanced at her watch. She took a long swig of lager and placed the empty bottle back on the bar.

“Come on, drink up. I promised Jon and Andy we’d catch up with them for a beer. I’ve told them all about you.”

“All good I hope.”

“Of course.” Anna pulled her compact out of her bag, touched up her already perfect makeup and tucked stray strands of sun-bleached hair neatly behind her ears.

As they packed up their belongings, Nicole’s eyes were once again drawn to Chris. She shot him her sweetest smile and was a little smug when he returned it.

By the time they left Azure, it was past two. The street was still bustling, the air was smouldering, and the music from the bars—deafening. There was less than an hour before Malia’s renowned three a.m. curfew, and the drunken tourists were spilling out onto the Beach Road.

‘The Garage’ was a grossly illuminated bar with an open frontage enabling its inebriated occupants to ooze out onto the street. The bar was packed and harshly lit with an array of different coloured fluorescents. It was crowded and Nicole wasn’t thrilled by Anna’s choice, but the girl seemed to be on some kind of mission and Nicole didn’t want to disappoint.

The bar was way too hot and the music far too loud, but thankfully, Anna’s contacts had enabled them to bypass the queue. The barman tossed over a couple of bottles of lager before they searched for a spot to stand, which was easier said than done. They were constantly getting shoved back and forth by crowds of sweaty teenagers. Nicole stuck it out for as long as she could but after what seemed hours, couldn’t take anymore. The alcohol was fizzing through her veins and her clothes were sticking to her hot skin. Anna seemed to gauge her discomfort. Above the pulsating dance music she shouted, “Hey, Nic…You want to get out of here?”

“Sure, if you like,” Nicole replied with relief.

Setting their half-empty bottles on the bar, they pushed and squeezed their way through the crowds into the cooler night air.

“I’m really sorry about that.” Frustration laced Anna’s tone. “I thought Jon and Andy would be here, they usually are, you’d love them. But they don’t need any encouragement if you know what I mean—more notches on their headboards than…well you get the idea.” Again, she glanced at her watch. “How about one for the road?”

“Sure.” Nicole tried to sound enthusiastic but her response was half-hearted. She was shattered and would have been more than happy to call it a night, but didn’t want to disappoint her friend. They headed further down the Beach Road for one last drink, which Anna promised would be non-alcoholic.

Making their way down the street, their footsteps became more audible as they left the booming clubs behind them.

“I’ll take you to Oasis. It’s quiet, you’ll love it.” Anna’s smile didn’t falter and Nicole wondered if her friend’s energy would ever wane?

As they continued down the street, two men walked towards them. They were brusque and laughing loudly. Nicole instinctively avoided eye contact, preferring to keep her gaze firmly fixed on the pavement. Without warning, the two men grabbed Anna by the wrists and pinned her up against a parked van. They laughed and goaded her. Anna was petite and in her mid twenties. Her hair, although naturally light brown, had more than enough sun bleached highlights to be considered blonde. She had cinnamon eyes and her nose was pierced with the tiniest silver-stud.

“Get the hell away from her,” screamed Nicole, as she grabbed Anna, trying desperately to prise her from the clutches of her captors. But Nicole was quickly seized, her screams muted, and both girls dragged into an alleyway.

Built like bouncers, the two men looked like they spent every waking hour in the gym. Their heads were closely shaven and they wore matching tight, white T-shirts. Their conduct told that they’d not got what they came out for that night and were running short on time.

“Please—please stop, you’re hurting me.” Anna’s words were stifled. “Please…

“I don’t think that’s what you really want, sweetheart. I know your sort. I know why you come to these towns—just begging for it.” His eyes were bloodshot and watery as he tried to focus on his prize.

No…I…” Anna struggled to free herself from his grasp, but this seemed to make him all the more desperate for her. He pulled a knife from his jeans, the silver blade glinting in the darkness. Pressing it onto her cheek, the metal ate into her soft skin and a shimmer of blood ran down her face.

“Just a warning,” he growled.

As Anna cried out, a hand was quickly clasped over her mouth. With a wide grin on his face, the second man watched the struggle whilst clutching Nicole tightly by the arms.

“Jesus, no, please just let her go,” Nicole pleaded, before being thrown back towards the van where everything around her went black.


Chapter Two


Hidden in the gutter behind the tyres of the van, Nicole awoke completely disorientated. Clutching the back of her head she winced as her fingers brushed over a painful swelling.

A deep-throated groan came from the alleyway. Nicole swung around and tried to call out but her voice wouldn’t oblige. With her head spinning, she clambered to her feet and fought for balance. Her instincts were telling her to run, to go and find help, but she knew there wasn’t time. Anna didn’t stand a chance against such merciless attackers, so she staggered forward and peered into the darkness of the alleyway. With her pulse thundering in her ears, she focused in and held her breath at the sight that greeted her.

The larger of the two men was laid out on the ground. A large gash in his throat was visibly spewing thick, dark liquid over his chest in rapid bursts. A horrendous gurgling sound was coming from the wound as his failing lungs fought for breath. Completely stunned, Nicole watched as the gurgling subsided and the man drowned in his own blood. Gasping for air, she tore her gaze away and strained to locate Anna in the darkness.

Just a few feet from where Nicole stood, the second man dropped to his knees. With a blade protruding from the back of his head, he fell forward, smashing his forehead onto the concrete floor. The dull thud echoed around the alleyway causing Nicole to bolt. Blindly, she stumbled out onto the street where she collapsed to the ground, eyes wide and struggling for breath.

Within moments, Anna emerged from the darkness.

“Nicole?—Jesus Christ, Nicole are you all right?”

Nicole couldn’t respond.

Blood was smeared across Anna’s skin and matted into her hair. The wound on her face was deep and looked painful but didn’t seem to slow her down.

“We have to go—we have to get out of here, I need to think.” Anna shook her head, exhaled, and stared back into the dark alley. “I can’t think, let’s just get away from here.”

Anna led the way down the road, practically pulling Nicole along behind her.

Where…?” Nicole’s words wouldn’t form. Anna appeared to be running on autopilot while Nicole tried, unsuccessfully, to keep it together.

They passed a group of people who, fortunately, seemed too drunk to notice anything untoward. They taunted Anna and gestured lewdly. She was stunning, even in the state she was in.

Slowly, Nicole emerged from her stupor and found enough voice to muster, “What the hell happened back there? I don’t understand how can you be so calm.”

“It’s okay.”

“No, it’s really not. Where are we going? We have to call the police.” She stopped, slammed her palms to her chest and dropped to her knees, hyperventilating.

Anna knelt down and put her arm around Nicole. “Just breathe,” she whispered. “It’ll be all right, I promise. I know what to do—we can’t go to the police. We have to go to Zeus Xenias.” Anna hesitated and closed her eyes. “We have to go to Marshall.”

Nicole’s whole body was shaking, almost to the point of convulsing, as Anna continued to lead her down the Beach Road to the crossroads where they veered off to the right.

As they ran, her vision blurred. Dense shrubbery lined either side of the dusty road, and the route grew darker until it was almost pitch black. Unable to comprehend what was happening, she prayed it was just a nightmare that she’d soon wake from.

Trying to discern her surroundings, Nicole’s eyes were drawn to the unmistakable outline of a cemetery. The huge concrete tombs were only just visible in the darkness. She could also detect the sound of the ocean, its rhythm serving as a slight comfort, and aiding her orientation.

They followed the track a little further and soon approached a set of intricately carved oak gates. They were tall and stood wide open, revealing the most tantalising courtyard bar. Above the gates hung a large wooden sign with the words—Zeus Xenias’ burned into it.

‘Xenias was not a place Nicole had heard of and at that moment, it didn’t occur to her to ask why. Anna led the way in and Nicole timidly followed.

Strings of lights hung in formation, gently ameliorating the darkness. Calm music played softly in the background and the air held the light aroma of incense. The atmosphere seemed cool and subdued.

With crumbling stone walls and a dirt floor, the open-air courtyard appeared to be the relic of some ancient building. Weathered beech tables and chairs were arranged sporadically and adorned with flickering storm lanterns.

Nicole’s eyes were drawn to an imposing tree standing watchfully in the centre. Hauntingly beautiful, leafless branches twisted their way hopelessly towards the night sky. It was long dead and appeared to be locked in a perpetual state of winter. Rusted chains were eating into a silvery trunk that had grown to accommodate their presence, and fairy lights and Chinese lanterns illuminated the lifeless branches. It was a true centrepiece for such a bewitching venue, and Nicole was completely spellbound.

Although the bar was busy, the atmosphere remained tranquil. The clientele were milling around, quietly socialising or sitting at the many candle lit tables—their conversations hushed. This was not a sight she was expecting to witness in the riotous town of Malia.

Nicole recognised several faces as the staff from the various bars and clubs around the town. They were people that Anna had introduced her to over the weeks, and it dawned on Nicole that Zeus Xenias could be one of the exclusive worker bars she’d heard whispers about.

She spotted Anna’s friend, Kelly from Oileus, in the corner talking to a couple of her colleagues. Fenny, the manager of the Black Rose Café was sitting at the bar chatting lightly with the barman.

Nicole’s eyes were drawn to a table in the shadows. A group of men sat in the half-light with a particularly striking figure prevailing over them. Dressed in bike-leathers and a crisp white shirt, he was tall with swathes of long black hair reaching down as far as his waist. Anger and frustration shaped his features, which utterly captivated Nicole. At the table, three other men were listening intently to him, firmly rooted to their seats.

His conversation halted abruptly as he shot a glance over to the girls. His eyes widened as he locked Nicole in his stare and her heartbeat faltered. He looked intently at her before his attention returned to the three men and he continued his discussion. Nicole began to breathe again. She tried so hard to look away but her gaze was automatically drawn back to him. Nicole noticed the fear on the other men’s faces; they seemed disturbed by the confrontation and she couldn’t help wondering—Mafioso?

Anna followed her stare and heeded her reaction. “Nicole, you’re as white as a sheet!” She grabbed her by the arm. “Come on, I’ll get you a drink and find you a table. You need to calm down.”

They moved over to the bar where Anna ordered some drinks whilst exchanging a few words with the barman.

“Aiden, is Joel here?” There was urgency to her question and pain in her eyes.

The barman smiled. “Hey, Anna. No I haven’t seen him all evening.” His subtle accent was East-coast, American; he sported an unobtrusive mohawk and was littered with tattoos. Aiden’s smile faded as his eyes scanned her bloodied form. “My God, Anna, what the hell happened to you? Are you okay?”

She shook her head but didn’t elaborate and Aiden didn’t push.

“Joel’s not here but Marshall’s just over there.” Placing the drinks on the bar, he gestured towards the man Nicole had been staring at.

Anna nodded. “Come on, Nicole,” she said, grabbing her by the hand. She led Nicole to an empty table where they sat quietly for a few moments. Reluctantly Nicole sipped her drink. The alcohol burned her throat. Bourbon wasn’t her usual choice but she knew she needed something strong and the heat of the alcohol began to numb her anxieties.

Shifting in her seat, Nicole tried to compose herself. She glanced around at the other people in the bar. A few of them had noticed her and appeared as confused by her presence as she was. These people bore little resemblance to the sun-baked partygoers from the resort; many of them were pale in comparison—although they were all striking in a way she just couldn’t place. Nicole began to feel very conscious of the differences between them and herself, realising she was an unwelcome intruder within their discrete guild.

With the low light inadvertently camouflaging her injuries, several people glanced over at Anna, gesturing to her with a nod or a smile. They remained completely oblivious to what their friend had been through that evening and Nicole hoped it would stay that way. Anna sipped her drink whilst continually watching the back of the bar. Watching for who or what? Nicole didn’t know but the pressure of the situation was becoming unbearable.

“Look, Anna, this is all too much—I want to go. I need to get my head together. I’ll go to the police on my own if I have to.”

“No,” Anna snapped, then quickly backtracked. Gently placing her hand on Nicole’s, her expression softened. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. If you’ll just stay for a few more minutes, there’s someone I need to speak to and then I’ll take you home—I promise.”

As Anna spoke, the tall, dark-haired man advanced across the courtyard towards them. He moved quickly, his long hair billowing behind him with the momentum of his pace. Nicole couldn’t work out what it was about him that ripped through her, but she couldn’t take her eyes off him—and his remained firmly fixed on her.

His frame was muscular and foreboding. There was nothing subtle about him. His expression was cast defensively as he continued to glare at her, and she completely froze as he approached. She assumed he saw her as a threat, a stranger who’d infiltrated his clandestine organisation.

“Anna, you haven’t introduced us.” His deep voice was softer than Nicole had anticipated. His accent was beautiful, possibly local but Mediterranean at the very least. He spoke with a degree of urgency, preventing the intruder from leaving.

“I was about to…” Anna was quick to answer. “This is Nicole. She came out here several weeks ago. She’s become a good friend.” She smiled in an obvious attempt to put Nicole at ease.

The man’s eyes narrowed as he heeded the state of Anna. Reaching out, he brushed the wound on her face with the back of his hand.

“Who did this to you?”

Without responding, Anna reached for Nicole’s hand—a small comfort in the presence of such an intimidating character.

“This is Marshall.” Her eyes flickered up at him as she said his name.

“Marshall is—well, he’s kind of in charge around here. It’s okay, Nicole, he’ll know what to do.”

Moving into the seat beside Nicole, Marshall held his hand out. Nicole glanced nervously at Anna before reluctantly placing her hand within his, where it felt lost.

With his eyes set on Nicole, his conversation was clearly directed at Anna. “What is she doing here? You know the precedent, No Tourists…No Guests.”

Although his words remained firm, his expression softened and he laced his fingers with Nicole’s, causing her pulse to quicken. She studied him as he spoke; he was tall. His long, raven hair was swept neatly away from his pallid, olive features. His eyes were fiercely black and sunk deeply into the shadow of his brow; their darkness only seemed to accentuate the authority in his voice.

Anna broached him, her voice wavering. “Marshall, we need to talk. But you can see Nicole’s frightened. I think she should go. Let her leave, and I’ll explain what’s happened.”

“You’re shaking,” he said, letting go of her hand before calling one of the workers over. “Jon, would you please take Nicole back into town, she doesn’t look steady enough to go alone.”

Through her shock, she recognised his name as one of the lads Anna had been taking her to meet before their horrific ordeal.

Jon obliged without question. Needing no further persuasion, Nicole stood up and let Jon lead her out of the bar. She didn’t speak or look back, and her pace quickened with each step until she was running.

With her clearly confused chaperone a few steps behind, she hurried back towards the lights of Malia. Still reeling from the night’s events, nausea bubbled in her stomach, and she knew if she didn’t get home soon she’d either throw up or pass out.


Chapter Three

Into the Shadows

Consumed by guilt, Anna watched Nicole leave Xenias, looking utterly burnt-out.

“Will you please come with me, Anna?” Marshall’s tone was stern.

She nodded. Anna was used to keeping the company of vampires. She trusted them—they’d never given her a reason not to—until now. Not knowing what his reaction would be, Anna followed Marshall across the courtyard. She swallowed hard to try to relieve the ever-increasing dryness in her throat.

As they headed over to Marshall’s table, a second vampire, Joel came over. His dark blond hair fell lazily around his shoulders, and he wore the long, leather military coat with steel buckles that Anna loved so much. He pulled her towards him, his firm hold instantly melting her fears away.

Seconds later Joel’s brother, Joshua was by his side. From the sanctuary of Joel’s arms Anna glanced up at Joshua; his untamed looks were so familiar. Like most identical twins, these brothers were inseparable, but unlike most twins, they preferred their own metaphysical world to that of the mortals. They remained utterly silent, although they often glared at each other with an intense air of mischief. Anna often wondered what was going through their minds as they seemed to find it hard to keep a straight face most of the time.

Katya, Xenias’ only female vampire, was already waiting by the table. A silvery gypsy skirt sat on her slender hips and combined with a white lace top—contrasted beautifully with her long, black hair. Solid silver bracelets were clasped tightly around both wrists and as usual, her feet were bare. With piercing blue eyes and lips painted in the richest of reds, her appearance never failed to intimidate.

“Anna?” Katya’s eastern European accent was not as subtle as Marshall’s melodic tone. “What is this about you bringing a tourist here?” Her eyes narrowed as she awaited an explanation.

Joel turned to Katya. As his expression hardened, a low, almost inaudible snarl, emanated from the back of his throat. He was very protective of Anna; they had a bond that neither Katya nor Marshall completely understood.

Katya appeared unperturbed by Joel’s protective stance and knowing she had no fear of the twin’s impetuous temperament, Anna trembled. The shock of the situation was beginning to surface and an altercation with Katya wasn’t helping. Anna tightened her grasp on Joel before she could breathe her answer.

“It’s complicated,” she whispered, her voice struggling against her nerves. “I needed Nicole to meet you, she was with me when…well, she witnessed something I couldn’t explain. I didn’t know what else to do. I had to bring her here—to Marshall.”

“What? What did she witness?” Katya snapped, her eyes darting between Joel and Anna.

“Something happened back in town; we’d been drinking and were heading down the road to ‘The Oasis’. Two men grabbed me, they pinned me up against a van, then pulled me into an alley. They had a knife.” Unconsciously, she brushed the angry wound gracing her cheek and winced. “I had no way to defend myself, I tried to get away—I tried so hard but there were two of them and they were hurting me, they were going to” She tailed off, her eyes burning. She turned to Joel and relief came in the form of tears.

Through misty eyes, she glanced at Katya. Like a buzzard circling her prey, the vampire waited for her to finish her explanation. Anna inhaled deeply, wiped her eyes and continued. “Joel came to me.” She glanced up into the concerned eyes of the enigmatic twin. “Where did you go?” she whispered, before emotion got the better of her.

Rolling his eyes, Marshall turned his attention on Joel. “You killed them—in town—in front of that girl? I can’t believe you could be so reckless. How could you make such a huge mistake?” As Marshall spat his words at Joel, his balled fist struck the table causing a murmur from the workers at the bar.

“Where are the bodies?” he asked.

With a visible degree of self-control, Joel continued to glare at him. At that moment, his respect for Marshall clearly outweighed any other emotions he was feeling. Anna placed her hand on Joel’s shoulder and answered.

“I left them hidden behind the back of the bar.”

“Which bar?”

“I don’t know—I think…maybe ‘Temptations’. There’s an alley with some industrial bins. They’re behind there.”

Marshall stood up. “Joshua, I may need some assistance.” He scowled at the guilty pair and stormed off through the gates. Joshua stood up, and an eager grin spread across his face as he headed directly for his massive, black Honda Spirit parked out front.

Anna chased after them and grabbed hold of Marshall. “I’m sorry, I never meant for this to happen. Please don’t blame Joel. He was only protecting me. He’s just not learnt how to control himself as well as you have.”

“Not now, Anna.” Marshall shook her off and mounted his VMAX. The engines roared to life and the two motorbikes disappeared into the night.

“Let them go,” Katya called out.

Anna turned and walked back to the bar where Joel and Katya waited. Immediately, Katya continued her rant. “I can’t believe you. I always knew we shouldn’t trust you. Joel’s still too volatile and you’re clearly too inane. Marshall was crazy to assign you to him. It’s strange; he can usually read people quite well. Now he has to go and clean up your mess, and we still need to decide what we are going to do about that girl!”

Joel grabbed Katya fiercely by the arm, a low growl emanating from within him. With his teeth bared, the growling grew increasingly deeper as his face met hers, but Katya’s expression remained resolute.

Anna clasped Joel’s arm. “Please, Joel,” she whispered and turned to Katya. “It wasn’t like that, you don’t understand. It’s not the first time I’ve been attacked.” Her voice wavered as once again the confrontation made her tremble. “I froze, I don’t know what would have happened if Joel hadn’t come. They had me, before I knew it they’d fallen and there was blood everywhere—and Joel—Joel was gone.” She shook her head and dropped her gaze. “I don’t remember anything else; I just knew we had to come here.”

Katya glanced at Joel, then back to Anna and sighed. “Actually I do understand…” Just for a moment, her temper seemed to ease and Anna wondered if there was more to this vampire than just hatred. “To be honest, I expect most women can. Leave Marshall to me, I can calm him down,” she stated before leaving Anna and Joel alone.

Anna was surprised by Katya’s sudden change of manner and wondered what she meant. What hateful situations must she have encountered during her long existence to allow someone so naturally cold, to show such compassion? Anna had never been one to question the coven’s world, and up until now, had never really wanted to.

It was clear Joel wasn’t letting her out of his grasp, but she didn’t mind—there was nowhere else on the planet she would rather have been than in his arms at that moment. Marshall may have held her respect but her heart belonged solely to Joel, the vampire—Anna’s vampire.

As Joel gently wiped the blood and tears from Anna’s cheek, she wrapped her arms around him, buried her face in his long blond hair, and waited silently.

It seemed like hours before the thunderous roar of motorbikes resounded around the courtyard, signalling Marshall and Joshua’s return. Moments later the two vampires entered through the gates. Sporting a look of satisfaction, Joshua headed directly to the bar while Marshall headed directly for Anna, his white shirt stained red and black.

“Bring the girl back here early tomorrow night. I will discuss the situation with the others and decide what needs to be done. For now, Anna, go after her. I imagine she is in shock, so I need you to persuade her to keep quiet. Tomorrow,” he repeated before disappearing into the shadows.

Anna stood up, and quietly left the bar. She tried hard to contain herself as she passed the other workers, avoiding all eye contact. They were, by now, realizing an indiscretion had been committed.

It didn’t take long to catch up with Nicole. She was sitting on the pavement, in the predicted state of shock and exhaustion. Jon was helplessly hovering over her, looking just as useless as he must have felt.

“I’ll take it from here,” Anna stated, crouching down beside her friend.

“Cheers, Anna,” replied Jon, and left the two girls alone.

The street was deserted and the sky was beginning to glow with the pinkish hue of morning.

“Come on, honey, I’m taking you home.”



Vampires of Venice

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to attend the Venetian Carnival. Although I visited Venice around 20 years ago, I couldn’t remember too  much about it, apart from the fact I’d missed the Carnival by a matter of days. From then on, it’s been on my bucket list, and last week I got my wish 🙂

It was wet!

It was wet!

We arrived by river taxi on Friday evening. With no map, navigating our way around the streets of Venice was almost impossible. I guess you get the impression it’s a small city but it’s really not. To begin with the narrow cobbled alleyways and winding canals all look the same. We walked around in circles for about an hour before stumbling across the quaint little Ca San Giorgio hotel. The ancient building was beautiful and unspoiled and our room boasted its own roof terrace. If only it’d stopped raining we might have been able to use it.

Venetian Costume

Saturday was wet. I’m not sure that word is quite descriptive enough but it’ll have to do. Many of the Carnival activities were cancelled but it didn’t stop the tourists from donning masks and many hardened Venetians from dressing in the most elaborate costumes.

Venetian Costume

By night, Venice is the most mystical city on earth. With nothing having been altered in hundreds of years, it’s easy to imagine what things would have been like for past generations. The place is crawling with vampires. Okay, so that is only my imaginative opinion but with passageways which lead directly into canals (yes, nearly came a cropper) and derelict facades hiding the most awe-inspiring buildings, nothing is quite what it seems.

Venetian bridge

On Sunday, we stayed in the stunning Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli. With views over the Grand Canal this was a beautiful place to stay. Waking up to views of the canals is the way to start a day in Venice.

Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli

The sun did eventually come out for us, and the city took on a whole new look. Brightly coloured buildings gleamed against the blue sky and the canal sparkled. Squares filled with tables and chairs played host to the most beautiful characters.

view from Rialto

With shops filled with the most stunning masks, I went on a hunt for the perfect keepsake…

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

And I found it 🙂



Venice has a hold over me. It always has, and I hope that comes across in my second novel The Vampire Katya.

More pics on my flickr

The Vampire Katya – Second in the Véradó Series, available from today.

The Vampire Katya


Set against a modern Venetian backdrop, a beautiful vampire recounts details of her turbulent past to a mortal by the name of Alessandro.

Alessandro Knight is a Véradó–a mortal willing to part with his blood to sustain a coven of vampires. With his dreams haunted by her beauty, he has crossed the continent in search of the Hungarian vampire known simply as Katya.

With her rich history unfolding through a series of dreams and discussions, Alessandro finds himself impulsively drawn to her and longs to be the one to sustain her. But Katya is a hunter, cold and impassive, and Alessandro soon realises that to win her heart it will take more than just blood.

The Vampire Katya is Available now from:



MuseItUp Publishing

And for a limited time only Véradó – A Darker Blood is offered free of charge on MuseItUp Publishing with every purchase of The Vampire Katya.

The Vampire Katya – Second in the Véradó Series

With just a week to go before the launch of the second book in the Véradó series, I thought I would share the stunning new cover, and let you know a little of what to expect:


The Vampire Katya

Second in the Véradó series:

Set against a modern Venetian backdrop, a beautiful vampire recounts details of her turbulent past to a mortal by the name of Alessandro.

Alessandro Knight is a Véradó–a mortal willing to part with his blood to sustain a coven of vampires. With his dreams haunted by her beauty, he has crossed the continent in search of the Hungarian vampire known simply as Katya.

With her rich history unfolding through a series of dreams and discussions, Alessandro finds himself impulsively drawn to her and longs to be the one to sustain her. But Katya is a hunter, cold and impassive, and Alessandro soon realises that to win her heart it will take more than just blood.

Chapter One – Colloquium

For months, Alessandro Knight had been waiting for this moment to arrive.

Even before she entered the room her presence was all around him. The atmosphere was ethereal, and to Alessandro, the air seemed to have thinned. Was it his imagination? He didn’t know, but he did know he was finding it hard to breathe. Fiddling with the top button of his shirt, he struggled to negotiate the tiny plastic disk as he forced it through the little hole.

“Get a grip,” he whispered.

As he glanced around the room, his eyes, along with everyone else’s, were drawn toward the glass doors as the tall, slender vampire entered. Her silvery skin enhanced her graceful features, and she headed toward the bar moving with a motion so smooth it appeared ghostly.

Ignoring all the other patrons within the establishment, she headed directly toward Alessandro. As she approached her crimson lips parted slightly, and there was nothing Alessandro could do to prevent his jaw falling open. Captivated by the depth of her eyes and her clear ability to delve into his soul with a single glance, he tried in vain to look away.

With a merciless confidence the vampire offered him her hand. As her lips curved, her eyes narrowed, catching dancing reflections from the lights of the bar.

“Good evening—you must be Alessandro. My name is Katya. I understand that you’ve been looking for me.” Her words were heavily accented with a lilt he instantly recognised as Hungarian—just as anticipated.

With his voice momentarily lost to him, Alessandro simply nodded and gestured toward the fireplace and the two empty wingback chairs situated within its calming glow. It was an opulent hotel lounge bar with plush burgundy leather adorning every soft furnishing. Oak panelling clung enduringly to the surrounding walls, culminating into a brass-trimmed oak bar.

Katya sank into the chair reserved for her adjacent to the exuberant inglenook. She glanced around the room, appearing to take in every detail with one fleeting glance.

Alessandro assumed Katya had chosen the Hotel Rialto for their meeting, as the clientele were of a high standard—a wealth that would make her feel comfortable. These people would be too proud to stare; too proud to make the obvious comparison between themselves and the unnatural beauty positioned by the crackling fireside.

Alessandro was tall and his build, slender. He was dressed in a mid-grey Versace suit, teamed with a crisp white cotton shirt—an outfit far more suited to a business meeting than an encounter of this nature. He had a nervous habit of running his fingers through his thick, brown hair—a habit he had unconsciously implemented several times since Katya had walked through the door and into his life.

Clutching a bottle of Château Lafite-Rothschild and two lead crystal glasses, Alessandro made his way toward her. The wine was Lurid Red; it had to be red, after all, he knew red was the only colour this being could ever, and would ever, be interested in.

Setting the glasses on the table between them, he glanced at her face, almost afraid to catch her eyes for fear of what lurked behind them.

Without speaking, he uncorked the bottle and the loud pop sent shockwaves through his nervous system. Determined not to reveal any weakness to this being, he poured the wine. A low drone emanated from the people around the bar as they spoke quietly among themselves, trying their hardest not to glance over at her. Trying—but all to often failing.

“You don’t know how much I have wanted to meet you.” Alessandro’s voice wavered as his eyes flitted up to meet hers. She was more beautiful in the flesh than he could possibly have imagined. Her skin, although pale, was flawless. Long, raven tresses spilled over her willowy shoulders and down to the arc of her back. With obvious ease, she wore a black satin evening dress, enhanced by a sumptuous silver-grey fur stole, intended to keep out the worst of the weather on such a bitter winter’s evening. Huge silver bracelets adorned each wrist and her lips were painted in the richest red—a shocking contrast to her pallid skin tone. Alessandro could just about make out the labyrinth of dark veins running beneath the skin of her jaw and neck. The fine black lines betrayed the darkness of the blood that filled them.

Catching his reflection in a large wall-mounted mirror, once again he raked his fingers through his hair. His skin was lucid—pale but with a hint of colour to his cheekbones and brow, displaying the classic appearance of a Véradó—a willing blood donor to a coven of vampires. Although he was used to keeping the company of immortals, his eyes were wide with apprehension because this vampire was not a part of his assigned coven, and he knew he was placing himself at her mercy.

“Oh, I think I do,” Katya replied smoothly, her mouth hinting toward a smile as she stared at him unblinking. “I am aware of the situation, Alessandro. I have been tracking your intentions for some time—only now have I allowed you to find me. I have decided there is a certain amount of information I am willing to divulge to you but only because of the experiences you’ve already had with my kind.”

“You know about those?” Although intrigued, he feared her surprising upper hand in the situation. A fear he knew he’d have to get used to if he was to remain in her company.

“Yes I do. There is little my brothers have done that I am not aware of.”

“But I thought they hadn’t seen you for almost a year? I was told you had abandoned them in Athens shortly after the break up of your coven in Crete.”

“That may be so, but my connection with them is unbroken—unyielding. I am a part of them and always will be. It seems to me you still have a lot to learn about our kind.” Holding her glass up to the firelight, she took in the depth of the colour, before taking a sip and fabricating a look of pleasure. “Tell me, Alessandro—why do you seek me?”

As his eyes flickered up to meet hers, her medusa stare ripped right through him. Try as he might, he couldn’t maintain eye contact. Why am I doing this? It was a question he’d asked himself many times. “I don’t know. It’s just something I’ve needed to do. Ever since meeting the twins—Joshua and Joel, I have been obsessed with finding you; with your life—your history and with the secrets you keep hidden—even from your family.”

“And why do you think I would divulge this information to you—a stranger to me, knowing full well I have not even spoken of it to my own family?” A degree of ferocity seeped through her quiet words.

“I believe you will—otherwise you wouldn’t have led me here and let me find you.”

She looked at him and glanced away, her smile revealing her amusement at his anxiety. She bit her lip and glanced into the fire, and the flames licked greedily at the reflection in her eyes.

“Your words hold an element of truth. I have known for a while that you sought me. Your exact reasons are as yet unknown, but I shall trust you. Your blood coursing through my veins will allow me that confidence.”

As he choked on his wine, Alessandro glanced around to make sure no one had noticed. Placing the glass back on the table, he forced himself to look deeply into her eyes. Katya’s irises were the palest of blues and encircled her huge black pupils. He could see his own reflection drowning in darkness and for a moment lost almost all awareness of his surroundings. The only thing he could discern was the incredible being in front of him, and at that moment, he would have done anything she’d asked.

As she continued, her tone became more austere. “If you want answers, Alessandro, I will be the one to give them to you. But there is just one thing I need to do before I can. Please…may I take your hand?”

For the whole story, visit: MuseItUp Bookstore

A Taste of Blood – Chapter 4

A Taste of Blood

The slamming of the apartment door, and subsequent drunken giggling tore Anna from her dream. “What the hell?” Groaning, she forced open her eyes.

“Shhh…shhhhh.” Then more giggling constituted the response.

As Anna’s bleary eyes slowly focused, the sight of her friends wasn’t a welcome one.

“Hey, Anna,” slurred Sarah, as she stumbled into the side of Anna’s bed. “Did you have a good night?”

Lisa was already locking herself in the bathroom—and the subsequent sounds of dry-heaving—and not so dry-heaving, told its own story.

“You are kidding…right?”

“What? Aww you’re not mad with us are you? We did try to get hold of the rental guy but…well…my mobile was completely out of juice.”

“Then why didn’t you go back into town and get someone? You left me there, all by myself.”

Sarah laughed. Her mousy hair looked lank after a night of heavy partying, and what was left of her makeup, seemed to have drifted southwards. “What…you’re all right. I knew you would be. I have complete faith in you. You’re very…resourceful.”

“For God’s sake, Sarah, anything could’ve happened.”

“But it didn’t.” Her raised voice conveyed her annoyance. “Christ, Anna won’t you just relax. Nothing happened. You’re okay, we’re okay, now go back to sleep.

It was clear that arguing with a drunk wasn’t going to be productive, and Anna didn’t have the energy to continue. “Fine. But this isn’t over.”

* * *

The following morning, Anna bypassed her comatose companions, trying hard not to wake them. After a refreshing shower, she grabbed her book and headed out to the sun-terrace for some much craved solitude. The late spring sunshine beat down on her tender skin, and the air was filled with the sweet scents of wisteria and jasmine. An hour was all she asked, but thankfully was blessed with more than two before the forlorn pair emerged from the darkness of the apartment, like two bears emerging from hibernation. Sarah hid her red-rimmed eyes behind a pair of dark glasses, and, as ever, Lisa followed suit.

“Morning, hun.” Sarah’s usually high-pitched voice was course and gravely.

Anna didn’t respond. Picking up her glass of fresh orange, she slurped and then noisily turned the page of her book.

“Shame you didn’t come with us last night. We had a real blast. Lisa had her face stuck to this God-awful guy most of the night. It was hilarious.”

Still Anna didn’t respond. I can see why Joel prefers silence, she thought.

“Not still pissed are you? … Jeeze.”

Slamming her book on the table, Anna got up. “Go to hell, Sarah. I’ve had it with you two. You’ve gone too far this time. I’m not your doormat. I should never have agreed to come on this holiday. I know you only needed me to share the cost of the apartment. You never wanted me here—God, I’m such an idiot.”

Laughing, Sarah muttered something to Lisa. And although Anna couldn’t be sure, it sounded a lot like; “You’re not wrong.”

* * *

Heading down the Beach Road, with her book in hand, Anna watched the workers hosing down pavements and laying out tables in anticipation of the lunchtime rush. A pretty ice-cream parlour caught her eye and seemed like the perfect place to unwind. Wicker furniture and brightly coloured floral hanging baskets created a cheery atmosphere that she hoped might rub off. Calling to her from the menu was an enormous strawberry sundae that she was unable to resist, and without hesitation, she ordered.

As she tucked into her ice cream, and flicked through the pages of her novel, it was Kelly’s bubbly voice that interrupted her this time.

“Hey you…what are you doing here?”

“Oh hi, Kelly. I’m err…just reading. I couldn’t stay at my apartment. I’ve had it with those two.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“No, not at all.” Anna handed her a spoon, grateful for someone to share the gargantuan dessert with.

“Great, thanks. I usually hang out at Oileus at lunch time, but they’ll only get me working, so this is way better.”

“You’re so lucky, you know,” Anna stated.


“You get to live out here, in this heat and sunshine.”

“Yeah, it can be pretty nice, I guess.”

“And you get to hang out with…”

“With Joel?” Kelly’s cherry pink lipstick glistened in the sun.

“Well, yeah, that too.”

“You know…you could stay here. There are plenty of jobs, and I have a few contacts who might be able to help. In fact, the guy who owns Oileus, Demitris, also owns loads of other bars and restaurants around here. I could have a word.”

“I don’t know. I have a job back home.”

“And is it a great job?”

“Well, no, but…”

“Think about it. What have you got to lose? And you wouldn’t be alone out here. You have us…if you want us.”

“Huh, you’ve no idea how tempting that sounds.” Anna took a huge spoonful of ice-cream while taking in some of the sights the busy street had to offer.

Kelly continued, “Anyway, our little gathering was cut short last night. Joel and Marshall had to help out back in town. They promised they’d come back tonight…if you’re interested.”

A Taste of Blood – Chapter 2

A Taste of Blood

On the pavement, alone in a crowd of thousands, Anna stood waiting, for what…or who, she didn’t know. Music pulsed all around her and the air was infused with the impending scent of summer. As a voice chimed from behind her, Anna’s consciousness returned.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Turning her head in the direction of the voice, Anna focused on the pretty girl addressing her. Short platinum blonde hair spiked off in all directions, numerous tattoos adorned her arms and heavy black lashes framed her pale blue eyes.

“Oh…err—yeah, I think so, thanks.”

Leaning in, the girl whispered into her ear, “I see you met Joel.” Her smile was clearly audible.

“Joel? …You know him?” Anna pushed her light brown tangles away from her face, feeling unkempt after her impromptu bike ride.

“You could say that.”

“Who is he?”

“He’s Joel—like I said.”

“I meant, well is he…is he okay? I mean…”

“You mean, is he dangerous?” Her tongue peeked cheekily through her teeth.

“Hmm, something like that.” Anna could feel herself flushing, but fought the sensation.

“No, I don’t think so. I think if he wanted to hurt you, you wouldn’t be standing here with me right now.”

Anna didn’t quite know what to make of that response. Shaking it off she replied, “And why exactly am I standing here with you?” Aware her voice was beginning to convey her annoyance at this girl’s apparent upper hand, she tried to keep it in check.

The girl hesitated. “I’m not sure. I guess Joel wanted us to meet.”


“I don’t know…unless…” She stopped, but the sparkle in her eye continued her story for her.

“So, who are you?” Anna asked.

“Kelly! I work here. And you are?”

“I’m Anna.”

“Well, hey Anna. Wanna come inside for a drink. I think that was probably Joel’s intention.”

Feeling a little more at ease in Kelly’s company, Anna replied, “Sure?”

Inside, the bar was heaving. Rock music banged in time to strobe lighting and the dance floor rippled and swelled with dancers. Kelly gestured to a colleague who, in response, thrust two bottles of Budweiser towards her.

“Here,” she said, handing one to Anna and quickly chugged back her own.

Obligingly, Anna took a swig. The cool larger fizzed in her throat easing its way down. Relief was instant, and she quickly followed it with the remainder of the bottle.


Anna nodded.

Heaving herself onto a barstool, Kelly questioned, “So, are you a worker or a tourist?”

“Tourist.” For some reason, Anna felt ashamed by her reply.

“And when do you go home?”

“I’ve still got a couple of days left. God I wish I didn’t have to go.”


“I don’t know—I guess it’s because things like…‘this’, don’t happen very often back home. My friends—the ones I came here with, are all I have, and to be honest, they treat me like shit, you know.”

Kelly nodded. “Huh, yep I get it. Look. Once I’m done here, I’m heading off to the beach with some friends. Wanna come?”

Anna hesitated.

“Joel might be there.” Kelly coaxed with a beam.

An uninvited smile formed on Anna’s face. “Well, in that case…”

“Really…?” Was Anna’s reaction as Kelly brought her pink Viper moped around to the front of Oileus.


“If I’d never seen another moped in my life it would’ve been too soon.”

“Oh, really, why?”

“Long story—never mind.” Grinning Anna hopped up behind Kelly and braced herself for the ride.

It wasn’t long before they drew up on the sands of the local beach and as the engine shut off, crisp sounds of the ocean filled the night air.

“Come on…” Kelly chirped before making off across the dunes. Anna’s head buzzed with curiosity as she ran to catch up.

Across the long stretch of beach, the blaze of a bonfire beckoned and several dark figures sat around it. High flames turned the beach orange and caused long fluttery shadows to spill across the sand.

“Woo—hoo,” screamed Kelly, and all the figures turned to face her.

As they got closer, Anna recognised Joel and she couldn’t prevent her full grin breaking through. He’s here. Oh, my God, oh my God…

As Joel stood waiting for her, his coy grin matched her own. Biting her lip, she tried to look confident, but knew she was losing the battle.

Slowing to a more respectful pace, Anna approached him. “Joel…?” she questioned.

A slight nod confirmed his name and his smile was effervescent. Dropping his gaze he simply laughed.

“Well…hey, Joel, I’m Anna. It’s good to meet you…again.”

Without a word he reached for her, wrapped both arms around her and homed in on her lips with his.

Following a deep, intense kiss, Anna asked, “Is that how people greet each other around here?”

“Sometimes,” Kelly whispered from behind. Laughing she skipped away and stood beside the fire. The flames seemed to lick at her skin turning her platinum hair, golden. As Kelly relaxed with her friends, Anna glanced at each of them in turn.

Three younger men stood, talking, and drinking, and Kelly looked at ease in their company. Sitting close to them was a woman; her dark hair and olive skin told Anna she was probably Spanish. Ensnared in her arms was a man—even sitting down, he looked tall and well built. His dark hair was long, almost touching the sand. And as Anna glanced at the pair, the woman’s eyes flitted up to meet her own. The look she conveyed was an obvious warning and Anna was quick to drop her gaze. Seconds later Joel grasped her hand and then proceeded to lead her away.

Around the opposite side of the bonfire, Joel planted himself on the sand and beckoned Anna to sit beside him. Needing no more encouragement, she obliged. The fire’s warmth was intense, but soothing. Waves of heat distorted the view along the beach and the ocean seemed like a mere memory.

Sidling up to him, as discretely as possible, Anna absorbed his scent—his aura, and felt hypnotised and completely relaxed. Through her lashes she glanced up at him. “You don’t say much, do you?” she stated.

Joel raised an eyebrow.

Reaching up, Anna pressed her hand to his cheek and for a few moments just held it there. His rough skin felt cool and soothing.

“It’s odd really. You don’t seem like a stranger to me. It’s like…like you’ve always been there. Does that sound too cliché?”

The dark ocean was only just audible above the hissing and spitting of the fire, and steel grey ribbons of smoke were swallowed up by the eternal night sky.

Letting out a huge sigh, Anna said, “Why couldn’t I have met you two weeks ago?”

To be continued…

This morning I woke up…

As a published author.

That’s right–Verado-A Darker Blood is now available to download on Kindle.



For me, the process of writing a novel has been an arduous and sometimes tumultuous journey. From the day I sat down and though, ‘right, I’m going to write me a novel.’ to the day it was finally published has been a period filled with highs and lows, creation and devastation. One day I felt like a god in my own micro universe, the next, like a serial killer on the loose, killing off whom ever I chose.

The wonderful thing about the process is seeing what lies around every corner. Wondering how your characters will handle each situation you put them in, and watching their lives play out beneath your fingertips. You feel a need to push them and test them, all the time watching them grow. Soon they become like family, you know them inside and out. They accompany you everywhere you go, and whisper conversations into your mind, just waiting for you to respond.

I am thrilled that MuseItUp Publishing believed in my story enough to take it on, and to see it on Amazon is certainly a surreal experience for me.