Soon I will be embarking on a short journey into my past. A very long time ago, my husband and I spent a summer working in Portugal. Having spent a seaason working in Crete, we decided to head to the Algarve. For the past few decades, Albuferia has had the reputation of being a party town, and it certainly lives up to that reputation. We were young at the time and my husband got work in a night club, while I became a waitress in a cocktail bar. (Cue for a song!)

We both worked from dusk ’til dawn and spend the days recovering on the beach. We fell in love with the area and always vowed to return. Okay, so it’s been sixteen years (:-O) but we’re finally making the trip back.

Each year, on our wedding anniversary, we like to get away. Usually we choose a European city break, appreciating the vast history our continent has to offer, but this time a friend put the idea in my head, of a simple weekend in the sun. I don’t know why but Albuferia instantly came to mind.

Having spent several evenings on the internet, I found the perfect hotel situated along the beach near Albuferia. The next few evenings were spent on Google Earth trying desperately to re-famililarise myself with the location. Although it looks like a lot has changed, the basic layout is so compact that I don’t think it’ll be too different.

I can’t wait to find the bar I used to work at. I remember standing on the back step before the evening rush just watching the sun set into the sea. Nothing compares.

Albuferia beach by night. Mmm heaven!

Soon I will be …


Well is it here?

Yesterday, as I walked around the lake in the chilly afternoon air, I noticed for the first time in a very long time the sun reflecting off the waters restful surface with a million blinding white shards.  I noticed how the trees, still bare of leaves in their wintry form, trapped the low sun behind their skeletal branches.  The air is still holding the chill of a long winter but with a tiny hint of warmth that is now almost foreign to me.  This morning the temperature rose from -1 to 11°C in the space of two hours.  From this I deduce – yes spring is finally here.