Moon on the med

I just wanted to share with you, a few of photographs I took on my recent visit to Pahpos, Cyprus. There is something about the ocean that really captures the imagination. Maybe it’s because I live so far from it, but when I do visit the sea, I feel completely drawn to it. By day it’s magical, but by night it is truly mysterious. The reflections create stunning natural works of art, and these particular shots couldn’t go un-taken.

Pahpos by night



Paphos by night



One misty afternoon

Yesterday, my daughter’s invitation to a children’s party in a village hall, chose the location for our weekend walk. Stoke Goldington isn’t far from here, and the small village looked like a good place to stretch our legs after our huge sunday roast.

The weather, on the other hand, had different ideas.

The fog had already rolled in, and was laying heavily all around the city. As we drove out of the town it only got denser until we could barely see the road in front of us.

As we approached the village it was clear that our walk would be cut short. Exploring somewhere unfamiliar isn’t the best idea when you can’t see you hand in front of your face. I have a pretty lousy sense of direction at the best of times.

We got our daughter to the party on time then parked up and took a public footpath that headed towards the woods, vowing not to stray from the path (in proper An American Werewolf in London style).

The path lead us here;

Considering it was only 2pm, it was unbelievably atmospheric, people would pay a fortune for special effects like that.

It made for a great photo-shoot.