A Valentines Moon,

A Valentine Moon,

When the moon’s at her fullest, only then shall she shine,
Her misty blue light casts a spell so divine.
With grace and honor, the night she will conquer,
A moment of brilliance through darkness so somber.

Her time though is fleeting, and soon starts to wane,
Dawn’s presence is threatening to drive her away.
The rich ocher sunrise is dulling her form,
Her light and her beauty, for the moment are gone.

Unable to battle the day, she is waiting,
Veiled by the sun, she is patiently resting.
For tonight, she shall dazzle with elegant ease,
through a darkness so distant, so lonely, so bleak.

Copyright J Lawrence 2014


A valentine’s gift

The times in our lives we are forced apart,

I think of you.

With every shallow beat of my heart,

I think of you.

Hearing your voice when you’re not around,

I think of you.

Trying to find you when you don’t want to be found,

I think of you.

With every snowflake that melts in my palm,

I think of you.

Knowing we’ll be together again,

I think of you.