Cover Story

Ok, I admit it, I do judge a book by its cover.  I’m enticed by the imagery into seeing what lies within those pages.  I’m rarely disappointed, the last couple of books I’ve bought have been pretty much based on the cover image alone, I guess I’m an easy target for those marketing departments.

Still Missing – by Chevy Stevens didn’t disappoint.  It hooked me in from the moment I saw it on the supermarket shelf and I couldn’t put it down until it came to it’s surprising conclusion.  This kind of story is everyone’s worst nightmare, being abducted by a stranger and ‘kept!’ It really is edge of your seat stuff.  Well done to Chevy, it was a real page turner.

The latest book I’ve bought is The Birthing House, by Christopher Ransom.  Again, hooked from the first moment I glimpsed it’s eerie cover staring back at me from that very same shelf.  The blurb promises a very unusual story beginning with the purchase of an old Victorian house.  Just my cuppa tea.

I just had to have it and am being very controlled by not having started to read it yet.  This one I’m saving it for my holiday … I fly out tomorrow so I will allow myself to open those crisp new pages as soon as my arse hits the aeroplane seat.  Can’t wait.