February’s Full Snow Moon – 14th February.

This month, the full moon is a beautifully wrapped gift to all the romantics out there, as the night of the full moon just happens to fall on Valentines night this year.


February’s full moon is known as the full Snow Moon due to heavy snowfall that traditionally arrives in this month, or hunger moon due to the lack of food and difficulty hunting. As we haven’t seen much of the white stuff this year, I wonder if they should change the name and call it the full Flood Moon instead.

Happy moon gazing 🙂


Full Snow Moon ~ 7th February ’12

I can hardly believe the blanket of cloud that has been sitting overhead for the past few days has lifted for the coming of the full moon. I don’t know why but somehow this often seems to be the case. Due to the recent weather here in central England, we’ve not had a glimpse of the waxing moon so, if the sky stays clear tonight, it’ll reveal the moon in its entirety. February’s moon is sometimes known as the Hunger Moon, but those who know me, would realise I would choose Full Snow Moon to describe it this month.

Happy moon gazing.