School’s out for summer…now back to writing.

ImageWell it’s been some time since I last checked in here and I guess that’s because I have had an unintentional break from writing for a while. Between school runs, work, life and living it, I suppose I let my writing take a bit of a back seat. But now school’s out, and I’ve taken a break from work, I’m back and raring to start work on the third novel in the Véradó series. The book; Véradó – Blood Moon, takes my characters out of their comfort zone and away from their familiar surroundings. I wanted to test them, to see how far I could push them, and it seems they are quite resilient, so it promises to be a lot of fun.

I started the first draft of the book quite some time ago, but with vigorously editing the first two books in the series (A Darker Blood is already available from MuseItUp Publishing, and The Vampire Katya will be released in September) Blood Moon got left half written. Well this summer I plan to dust it off and get my first draft finished so I can put a full stop to the end of this series (maybe).

So far I’ve had an absolute blast writing it, and the feedback I’ve had has been very encouraging. I will keep you updated as to my progress on the third novel, and check in here as much as I can. So here’s to a wonderful, productive summer.


Full Halloween-Hunter’s Moon (well almost). October ’12

If it could have waited just another couple of nights, then October’s Full moon really would have given us a Halloween treat. Hopefully though, the waning moon will serve well enough to heighten the spooky atmosphere and intensify the whole experience. That is if these wretched clouds move out of the way first.

This year my children are old enough to go out trick or treating with their friends while us mums stay in nattering enjoying a glass or two of red, dressed as appropriately witchy as possible. I’m sure there will be cackling, although not necessarily on purpose.

October’s moon has the best variety of names, Hunter’s moon, Harvest moon, Sanguine Moon, and Blood Moon. You already know which name is my favourite, so I won’t bore you again.

Happy moon gazing.

October’s Full Blood Moon

Okay, so I will be a little self-indulgent this month as October’s full moon is by far the most dramatic of the year. When something this naturally beautiful has such a wonderfully eerie name then it deserves to be mentioned. October’s moon has several of these names; The Hunter’s Moon, The Harvest Moon and of course the wonderful – Blood Moon.

The Blood Moon features prominently in all three of my novels, so much so in the third that I’ve named the book after it. It’s significance comes from October’s reputation for being the one month of the year where our world brushes with that of the spirits and the veil separating the two is at its thinnest.

As the season progresses into what we know as our traditional wet and windy autumn. The darkness and the coming of Halloween brings a wonderfully eerie atmosphere to our evenings, enhanced only by candlelight and burning incense. With a little willingness to embrace it, it’s very easy to get drawn in. Suddenly you feel the urge to watch horror films and go walking in the dark.  Well if you do, don’t forget to look up you may be surprised.

Happy Moon Gazing