July’s Full Thunder Moon

The full moon is almost upon us, tomorrow (15th) brings us July’s full moon. This month we have an array of wonderful names, including Hay Moon, Corn Moon, and Mead Moon. Although my favorite has to be Thunder Moon.

As the sun doesn’t set until around 9.30pm, it may not be particularly visible until quite late. Still I think it’ll be worth sticking around for, and here’s an image I found giving just the right atmosphere for such an inspiring name.

Update 15/07. So tonight’s the night. Last night the moon was pretty spectacular, so tonight’s full moon should be well worth looking out for … that is, if these annoying clouds are gone by then.

Happy Moon Gazing 😉

March’s Full Crow Moon

Well it’s that time again, this month’s we have a whole array of names to call our full moon.  First the Worm moon, so named as the rise in temperature sees the appearance of worm casts.  We also have Lenten moon, Crust moon, Sap Moon or my personal favorite: the Full Crow Moon (has a lovely dark ring to it don’t you think).  So take a look up to the heavens on 19th and see it in its awesome splendour.  Happy moon gazing.


February’s Full Snow Moon

The Snow Moon

Just took this picture from my house – not too bad considering. Look out for the full moon tomorrow night.  February’s moon is known as Snow Moon due to it supposedly being the month with the heaviest snowfall.  It has also been referred to as the Hunger Moon because hunting would have been so difficult in those conditions.  Not been much snow here for a while, luckily I’ll be heading off to the alps next month to get my fix. 😉

The full moon affects more than just werewolves you know, so if you’re feeling a bit weird over the next few days maybe that’s why.  Happy moon gazing.