Writing — The Craft


Well, after a fairly long dry spell, I seem to have regained my mojo. I can’t really call it writer’s block because for some reason I couldn’t get motivated to even sit down and try to write, but recently I’ve returned to writing the third book in the Verado series – Blood Moon, and remembered why I loved writing so much.

As a writer, the characters we create become like family. You know them inside out and as they develop you come to love them more and more. In fact when the book/series ends it’s almost impossible to let them go completely.

One of the main things I love writing is conversation. Before I start I usually have a set image in my mind of the characters, where they are, what they are doing etc before commencing their conversation. I don’t, however, have much of an idea about where the conversation is going. I guess it’s just like life. I can know roughly what my characters are going to talk about and then they end up having an argument which changes the whole scene. Hopefully this makes for a better, more realistic story. After all, the worlds we create are designed to ignite the imagination and inspire the reader.

It’s been said that writing is like exercising a muscle. To be the best you can be, you need to write a little everyday and keep that muscle toned.

Happy writing 馃檪


Lazy days

I’ve just returned from a long-awaited holiday in Spain, which is why I’ve been particularly useless at updating my blog recently. I guess when the sunshine beckons it’s almost impossible to resist – especially when we’ve lacked sunlight this year and practically turned into hermits.

This summer we didn’t really do much on holiday except chill out at the beach or laze around at the pool – ahh, heaven. One thing that I really love about the part of Spain that we holiday in, is that it is a very Spanish resort. Of course it is – it’s in Spain! What I mean is that if you go to the beach in time for lunch, you really have to fight for a spot near the sea, but give it an hour and the beach is deserted and us mad dogs have the whole thing to ourselves – bliss.

I also love to flout the siesta rules at our pool. It states strictly no admission between 3pm and 5pm. Well, if you ask me, that’s the perfect time for a nice quiet swim, haha.

It’s not just us who flout the rules though, the ‘no dogs on the site’ rule seems to have been replaced by a please clean up after your dog. And I’m sorry to say both rules are heavily flouted (I’m more of a cat lover, myself).

But it’s back to reality now and I’m awaiting my first round of editing notes from my content editor for Verado – The Workers. I’m very excited and a little apprehensive at what she is going to say. I really can’t wait to get stuck in though, it’s been a long time coming and to move forward with it is so exciting.

Bumping Up the Word Count.

So I’m making a real effort to continue to work on my first V茅rad贸 novel this month (see right).聽 The brutal editing that ‘The Workers’ has undergone, has stripped nearly 15,000 words out, and that’s word count that I can’t afford to lose.

I had a bit of a dilemma of how to bump it back up again, after all, the story’s been told.聽 I don’t feel the need to add scenes or over dramatise what’s already been written for the sake of my word count, it would feel like I’m cheating the reader.聽 So I’ve opted for more dialogue between characters.聽 While I go through the latest draft it has become apparent to me that my characters have so much more to say than I’d previously allowed them.聽 This is proving fun – and who knew editing could actually be fun. So I’m back into my schizophrenic zone out, where my characters are constantly chattering away to each other inside my head … is there any medication I should be taking for that?