The vampires are coming…

So, I guess I have been out of it for a while now and I suppose I blame that mainly on the tight editing deadlines my publisher gave me on second Verado book ‘The Vampire Katya’.

Katya, the beautiful Hungarian vampire, is due to have her story told in September. As I was writing A Darker Blood it became apparent, that, of all my secondary characters, Katya was the one whose story needed to be told. She has lived such a long, turbulent existence, the thing’s she has seen and done, just couldn’t be left unsaid. 

Although the book is still in the editing stages, I have just finished with my content editor. Just like the first one, the book has come on leaps and bounds with the input of a professional editor, and once again Judy Roth has been wonderful.

As I wait for it to go to the line editor to polish any last blemishes out of the manuscript, I have been working on a prequel. I really felt there was a beginning that, although simple, would set the tone of the series nicely. Hopefully this prequel will soon be available on my website.

It’s been over a month since ‘A Darker Blood‘ was published, and I just love the idea that people can finally read my work. It is strange that after all of these month’s (or years) to finally be able to share the world I created inside my mind.

So If you like vampires, sunshine, and motorbikes, check out Véradó—A Darker Blood on Amazon UK or Véradó—A Darker Blood on Amazon .com

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Véradó—A Darker Blood

The countdown begins to the release of my first novel —  A Darker Blood, the first in the Véradó series. It is due for release as an e-book mid March, and this is what it is about:

A cocktail of romance, passion, and blood lust greet Nicole Silverson as she ventures to the sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Crete.

Nicole has a passion for the paranormal, and it’s that passion that prompts a stay in the wild party resort of Malia.

In her quest to gain information and make new friends, she falls in with several of the town’s bar-staff and night-workers.

After witnessing the gruesome death of two strangers, Nicole becomes unwittingly initiated into the secret society that her new friends tried to spare her from. She becomes a Véradó —a mortal, willing to sustain a coven of vampires with her blood.

Within the spellbinding walls of an ancient courtyard bar named Zeus Xenia, Marshall is the vampire dominating a coven of four. He is strong, proud, respected, and feared. His motives are never questioned and his loyalties are fathomless. Nicole becomes his Véradó and the compulsion drawing her to him tests his self control to its lethal limit.

Véradó—A Darker Blood – will soon be available. Click on the link for more information