Full Halloween-Hunter’s Moon (well almost). October ’12

If it could have waited just another couple of nights, then October’s Full moon really would have given us a Halloween treat. Hopefully though, the waning moon will serve well enough to heighten the spooky atmosphere and intensify the whole experience. That is if these wretched clouds move out of the way first.

This year my children are old enough to go out trick or treating with their friends while us mums stay in nattering enjoying a glass or two of red, dressed as appropriately witchy as possible. I’m sure there will be cackling, although not necessarily on purpose.

October’s moon has the best variety of names, Hunter’s moon, Harvest moon, Sanguine Moon, and Blood Moon. You already know which name is my favourite, so I won’t bore you again.

Happy moon gazing.


September’s Harvest Moon

Every evening this week we have been given the most awe-inspiring views of the moon as it grows in preparation for tomorrow night. Saturday will be the night of the Harvest Moon, and it’s promising to be a truly spectacular sight.

This week we also had the Autumn equinox meaning the length of day and night are equal. unfortunately we know what that means–the nights are rapidly drawing in and winter will be upon us before we know it.  I still maintain that Autumn is the most magical time of year. I love the way the low sun radiates off of the trees and the leaves glow red and orange. Shadows grow longer giving an eerie feel to the world around us. It’s easy to believe we that the barriers that separate dimensions are thinner at this time of year.