A valentine’s gift

The times in our lives we are forced apart,

I think of you.

With every shallow beat of my heart,

I think of you.

Hearing your voice when you’re not around,

I think of you.

Trying to find you when you don’t want to be found,

I think of you.

With every snowflake that melts in my palm,

I think of you.

Knowing we’ll be together again,

I think of you.

The Sun Versus The Moon …

You orbit the sun

I orbit the moon

Our future decided

The day we were born.

It’s written in the stars

And written in the tides

No straying from the paths

Gravity decides.


Yours is the sun

Mine is the moon

Two lives on the run

Will be over too soon.

Our paths must never cross

Opposing forces never meet

Avoidance of disaster

Is the peace we must keep.


Rainbows surround you

And I have the stars

From the beginning

We knew how it was.

These treasures complete us

Make us who we are

We must not betray them

Never shatter their hearts.


I hide from the sun

You hide from the moon

Transient skies

Guiding dusk through to dawn.

With destiny’s causeway

Imprinted in sand

The time for acceptance

Is almost at hand.


The sun is of fire

The moon is of ice

A conflict of elements

Paying the price.

Dousing your flames

Or thawing my heart

Would be catastrophic

So now we must part.

Copyright J Lawrence 2011