A seriously Wonderful day

Okay, so I’m blessed to have married a man with inside knowledge of London’s most awesome modern structures. This knowledge paved the way for the most wonderful birthday lunch. Anyone who knows me will be aware that I’m lost without my regular pub lunches, but this one was a little different.

Located on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in Bishopsgate, London, is The Duck & Waffle restaurant. Okay so it’s not quite my usual cozy traditional pub but I have to say this is probably the most spectacular location I have ever lunched.

Heron Tower, Bishopsgate

Having ascended into the sky in the high-speed scenic lift, London’s vast skyline seemed to grow out of no where. After a quick drink in the Sky Bar, we were shown to our table. We were lucky enough to be given a corner table with magnificent views all around us.

Coffee at The Duck & Waffle

Once the morning mist cleared, the 360 views of London were awe-inspiring. There was nothing you couldn’t see from that height. Everything from Canary Wharf, to the Olympic village. I spent most of the lunch trying to locate my old place of work–Zetland House in Oldstreet. I’m pretty sure I figured it out:)

Zetland House (I think).


The incredible views of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London in the sunshine made me desperate to walk along the Thames so that was our next stop.

Tower Bridge and the Tower of London

The river was bustling and the scenery mixed medieval, Victorian and modern architecture as beautifully as if it had been designed that way.



London Modern Towers

Tower Bridge, Thames, London

Luckily for us the sun continued to shine until it finally went down marking the end of my special day. Thank you to my lovely husband for such a wonderful day.


Autumn evening in Windsor

It was an impromptu visit to Windsor yesterday that gave the perfect opportunity to capture a few stunning photographs of the Thames by night. Crowds of beautiful swans milled around against the vibrant backdrop of Windsor Town Bridge, creating photographs full of movement and atmosphere.

Autumn is closing in around us, the air is chilling and the ground freezing under foot. Wildlife is becoming more scarce and the sun chooses which days it is going to shine.