Lost Generations

Restless sands of time scattered across the hills

Over oceans, under bridges, across planes and through fields

They won’t stop nor slow down to acknowledge our here and now

For every moment, every second is being lost beyond the clouds.


Days roll into weeks, roll into months and then to years

Our short lives will be forgotten as new generations appear

Living for the moment; being grateful for all we’ve gained

Remembering those before us and the sacrifices they made


The pealing sound of laughter, children playing in the park

Trying to take this moment, make it their own and leave their mark

The children will soon be grown, they’ll take over when we’re gone

But they too will leave this world behind, for the next generation to embark upon


Rockin Out…

Well I woke this morning with my ears still ringing.

Last night a good friend of mine turned 40. To celebrate, she decided to get all her old friends from her party days together to re-live the old days once again.

To her delight, everyone showed. All were more than up for rockin’ out to Guns n Roses, ACDC, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and oh so many more.

Watching the evening progress was a blast. It went from everyone discussing how their lives – both professional and personal, had moved on over the past 10 years, and quickly progressed to everyone drunk, disorderly and vigorously head banging. They’ll never change (thank God!).

Believe me, there are going to be people waking up this morning in traction!

So you’re wondering how I’ve managed to stay quite so coherent – well, unfortunately (or perhaps quite fortunately) you’re looking at the designated driver.