February’s Full Snow Moon – 14th February.

This month, the full moon is a beautifully wrapped gift to all the romantics out there, as the night of the full moon just happens to fall on Valentines night this year.


February’s full moon is known as the full Snow Moon due to heavy snowfall that traditionally arrives in this month, or hunger moon due to the lack of food and difficulty hunting. As we haven’t seen much of the white stuff this year, I wonder if they should change the name and call it the full Flood Moon instead.

Happy moon gazing 🙂


Full Wolf Moon 15th January

On the 15th of this month (weather permitting) we should encounter the first full moon of the year.

January’s full moon is known as the Wolf Moon. This has to be one of the most mystical moon names of the year. The name comes from the hungry wolves howling outside snow-covered native American villages. Just imagine.

Happy moon gazing 🙂

Full Halloween-Hunter’s Moon (well almost). October ’12

If it could have waited just another couple of nights, then October’s Full moon really would have given us a Halloween treat. Hopefully though, the waning moon will serve well enough to heighten the spooky atmosphere and intensify the whole experience. That is if these wretched clouds move out of the way first.

This year my children are old enough to go out trick or treating with their friends while us mums stay in nattering enjoying a glass or two of red, dressed as appropriately witchy as possible. I’m sure there will be cackling, although not necessarily on purpose.

October’s moon has the best variety of names, Hunter’s moon, Harvest moon, Sanguine Moon, and Blood Moon. You already know which name is my favourite, so I won’t bore you again.

Happy moon gazing.

September’s Harvest Moon

Every evening this week we have been given the most awe-inspiring views of the moon as it grows in preparation for tomorrow night. Saturday will be the night of the Harvest Moon, and it’s promising to be a truly spectacular sight.

This week we also had the Autumn equinox meaning the length of day and night are equal. unfortunately we know what that means–the nights are rapidly drawing in and winter will be upon us before we know it.  I still maintain that Autumn is the most magical time of year. I love the way the low sun radiates off of the trees and the leaves glow red and orange. Shadows grow longer giving an eerie feel to the world around us. It’s easy to believe we that the barriers that separate dimensions are thinner at this time of year.


Once in a Blue moon

Well this is a rare one. Tomorrow night we will be privileged to witness the very rare blue moon. Although it is very unlikely that the moon will actually be blue in colour. The blue moon is the name given to the second full moon to occur within the same calendar month. August already gave us the Sturgeon Moon on the 1st of the month so this one is a real bonus!

Last night I drove across town at about 7:30pm. The sky was a very pale blue and just above the roof tops sat the most enormous moon with just a corner missing. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with my – typical.

Happy moon gazing.

Full Flower Moon ~ 5th May ’12

Tomorrow night, we anticipate the arrival of May’s full moon. I don’t need to say how awful the weather has been here in the UK over the last month. With the wettest spring on record and a constant covering of cloud, I think we’ll be lucky to see anything at all. Usually by now, we’d have spent the past week following the progress of the waxing moon but I can’t remember the last time I actually caught a glimpse.

Well, fingers crossed the clouds part and she graces us with her awe-inspiring beauty. I hope people in other countries have more luck.

Full Pink Moon ~ 6th April ’12

Tonight we anticipate the first full moon of spring. This moon is often referred to as the Full Pink Moon, Full Fish Moon, or Full Grass Moon.

Over the past few evenings the moon has been dramatically growing in size, and last night it was so bright, it illuminated my house through tightly closed curtains. It was looking promising but alas, it is not to be. With the thick covering of grey/black cloud that has built up over the day, I think we’ll be lucky to get a glimpse of anything at all tonight. I’ve been wrong before though, so you never know. The full moon often has a way of persuading the clouds to separate, like the curtains on the stage of a theatre.

Happy Moon Gazing.