December’s Full Cold Moon

So it’s the last one of the year, and hopefully the best one of the year. With darkness falling so very early now, the moon is absolutely huge. During daylight hours it certainly hasn’t been reluctant to show its awesome beauty.

Today I just wished I had a camera, although not quite full, it shone silver against the brilliant azure blue sky of winter.

Among several other names including The Frost Moon, December’s full moon has adopted the perfect title of ‘The Cold Moon’ – I don’t think that really needs any further explanation.

Happy Moon Gazing.


2 thoughts on “December’s Full Cold Moon

  1. Diane says:

    My Dad was telling me this morning that when he climbed into bed last night he looked through his window and straight into the face of the almost full moon. I was envious I have to admit. Maybe I need to leave my bedroom curtains open more often – thanks again for a lovely post about the beauty in our skies. – Diane

  2. was admiring it earlier so I thought I’d check out with you which moon it was

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