The Lenten Moon ~ 8th March ’12

Tonight’s moon signals the last full moon of winter. The moon has been exceptionally bright these past few evenings as the night of the full moon drew near. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Full Worm moon’ or ‘Full Sap Moon’, my favourite name for tonight’s moon has to be the ‘Full Crow Moon’.

Last night, as I sat in my car about to start the engine, I looked up. The moon was beautiful. It was bright and partially covered by thin wisps of cloud. As it peeked out from behind the dead winter branches of a fruit tree, I noticed that perched on top of the wall in front of the tree was a black cat. The cat, the tree and the cloud covered moon would have made a fabulous book cover.

Happy Moon Gazing.

Taken on the 8th March 2012


One thought on “The Lenten Moon ~ 8th March ’12

  1. Diane says:

    Oh yes, moons and cats – brilliant. Hares and moons also spot on – geese and moons – in fact pretty much wildlife and the moon does it for me. Thanks for another interesting post. I also like the name Crow moon

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