Full Flower Moon ~ 5th May ’12

Tomorrow night, we anticipate the arrival of May’s full moon. I don’t need to say how awful the weather has been here in the UK over the last month. With the wettest spring on record and a constant covering of cloud, I think we’ll be lucky to see anything at all. Usually by now, we’d have spent the past week following the progress of the waxing moon but I can’t remember the last time I actually caught a glimpse.

Well, fingers crossed the clouds part and she graces us with her awe-inspiring beauty. I hope people in other countries have more luck.


One thought on “Full Flower Moon ~ 5th May ’12

  1. Diane says:

    Beautiful May moon, my daughters birthday today and the weather has been different so many times on this special day. The day of her birth was gloriously warm, when she was small often and often her parties were in the garden but then there have been wet ones and cold ones and so it goes on. Cycles within circles

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