This morning I woke up…

As a published author.

That’s right–Verado-A Darker Blood is now available to download on Kindle.

For me, the process of writing a novel has been an arduous and sometimes tumultuous journey. From the day I sat down and though, ‘right, I’m going to write me a novel.’ to the day it was finally published has been a period filled with highs and lows, creation and devastation. One day I felt like a god in my own micro universe, the next, like a serial killer on the loose, killing off whom ever I chose.

The wonderful thing about the process is seeing what lies around every corner. Wondering how your characters will handle each situation you put them in, and watching their lives play out beneath your fingertips. You feel a need to push them and test them, all the time watching them grow. Soon they become like family, you know them inside and out. They accompany you everywhere you go, and whisper conversations into your mind, just waiting for you to respond.

I am thrilled that MuseItUp Publishing believed in my story enough to take it on, and to see it on Amazon is certainly a surreal experience for me.



One thought on “This morning I woke up…

  1. Diane says:

    congratulations and good luck with sales 🙂

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