Véradó—A Darker Blood

The countdown begins to the release of my first novel —  A Darker Blood, the first in the Véradó series. It is due for release as an e-book mid March, and this is what it is about:

A cocktail of romance, passion, and blood lust greet Nicole Silverson as she ventures to the sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Crete.

Nicole has a passion for the paranormal, and it’s that passion that prompts a stay in the wild party resort of Malia.

In her quest to gain information and make new friends, she falls in with several of the town’s bar-staff and night-workers.

After witnessing the gruesome death of two strangers, Nicole becomes unwittingly initiated into the secret society that her new friends tried to spare her from. She becomes a Véradó —a mortal, willing to sustain a coven of vampires with her blood.

Within the spellbinding walls of an ancient courtyard bar named Zeus Xenia, Marshall is the vampire dominating a coven of four. He is strong, proud, respected, and feared. His motives are never questioned and his loyalties are fathomless. Nicole becomes his Véradó and the compulsion drawing her to him tests his self control to its lethal limit.

Véradó—A Darker Blood – will soon be available. Click on the link for more information



So this is what the future looks like…

Happy New Year

After a week of (very) heavy celebrating, Christmas is over and the new year has quickly crept up on us. It’s (almost) time to finish that crate of wine/beer/chocolate, and embrace the new beginning, giving us a fresh outlook to life. I always love new year. I love the air of optimism it brings, giving hope for a year filled with promise.

Once again the year sounds like something from a 1950’s sci/fi novel, and I half expect to gaze out of my window upon a world filled with robots and flying cars. But alas, it is not to be. I still need to cook my own dinner and brew my own tea.

I have a good feeling about this year though. I have very recently adopted ‘thirteen’ as my lucky number and here are the reasons why; My husband was born on the thirteenth, my son’s birthday is the thirteenth of the third, and the publication date I have been given for my first novel is the thirteenth of the third thirteen. So, I feel quite a pattern emerging.

Of course I have made a few resolutions. My writing resolutions mirror last years, the only difference is that ‘A Darker Blood’ is contracted and ‘Katya’ has been submitted, so fingers crossed on that one. ‘Blood Moon’ will be my project for this year. And it is going to be awesome (if I do say so myself).

My other resolutions, a bit corny I’m afraid, are to stay true to myself, to not let others lead my feelings and emotions, and to only surround myself with people who genuinely care about me. I admit that I am too soft for my own good sometimes, and take things to heart far too easily. I vow to toughen up this year. It’s going to be hard, but I think it’s essential before I enter the world of a published author.

Anyway, here’s to a very happy new year, one where dreams are realised and hope can fill our hearts.

And let’s all raise a glass to the lucky Number 13.

Bela Lugosi… the original Dracula

There is something utterly charming about watching old black and white movies. I was recently lucky enough to stumble across Dracula, with Bela Lugosi. I must admit, this film had been on my ‘must watch’ list for quite some time so I was thrilled when I saw it listed on the TV Guide.

The film version of Dracula was made back in 1931, so it’s over 80 years old. I hadn’t realized that the film was based on a Broadway stage play of which Lugosi was also the lead but he happened to be in the right place at the right time and won the title role.

Dracula, directed by Tod Browning, has no background music, which I think adds to the theatrical feel.  The sets are wonderful, especially that of the Abbey interior towards the end. And who can forget the strategic lighting of Dracula’s eyes. Of course the acting was fabulous but in a primitive way, there was nothing natural about any of the character portrayals. It is said that Lugosi couldn’t speak English very well at the time of filming and that he learned his lines phonetically, adding to the eerie accent of the count that we know and love.

I highly recommend watching this film, even if it is just to bring a smile to your face.

Dracula (1931)

Editing again …

Once again I’ve been hard at work editing my vampire novel Verado – The Workers, so I’ve not had much time to add to my blog, therefore I thought I would share a piece from the preface with you, hope you like it:


The Workers

As the motorbikes pulled up outside the huge oak gates, they simultaneously shut off their engines, shocking the dark dusty road into silence. Displayed above the gates, a large wooden sign with the words Zeus Xenia burnt into it welcomed the three men home. They dismounted their bikes and were greeted by a small group of people who’d gathered outside eagerly awaiting their return.

Smeared with a mixture of blood and dirt, and with satisfaction ardently displayed on their faces they made their way inside. Their evening’s work was done. Once again order had been restored to the chaotic town they’d adopted as their home, and for the moment their ongoing debt to the island had been repaid. Now it was time for recompense. They thirsted, and these devoted disciples were keen to be the ones to sustain them.

Once inside the ancient courtyard they continued up to the weathered oak bar. Strings of lights shimmered on the breeze and the air held the subtle fragrance of the ocean situated just meters away. The bartender glanced up as they took their places. He greeted them with a warm smile and poured their preferred bourbon into the glasses that awaited them.

From the far side of the courtyard a woman approached them.  A snug black dress caressed every inch of her body and complimented her elegant dark features. As she homed on her target her lips curved subtly into a smile.

“Marshall, my darling … I missed you,” her undiluted Spanish accent chimed in his ears. She sided up to the vampire, her glossy chestnut hair scooped up into a sleek bun leaving her slender bronzed neck exposed and vulnerable. Marshall slid his hands down her arms and pulled her closely towards him, breathing in her warm aroma. It was not her fragrant perfume that enticed him but the scent of her blood that swept through his mind.

“Bonita…” he whispered as he leaned down brushing the hollow of her neck with his cool hungry lips, “I missed you too.”

March’s Full Crow Moon

Well it’s that time again, this month’s we have a whole array of names to call our full moon.  First the Worm moon, so named as the rise in temperature sees the appearance of worm casts.  We also have Lenten moon, Crust moon, Sap Moon or my personal favorite: the Full Crow Moon (has a lovely dark ring to it don’t you think).  So take a look up to the heavens on 19th and see it in its awesome splendour.  Happy moon gazing.


Die-hard vampire fans

Is the industry tired of Vampires?  I guess there are those who may have had their fill but I assume that they were never die-hard fans in the first place.

I recently met up with a couple of friends from my childhood (you know who you are!)  We were reminiscing about a time when we had very few cares and huge imaginations.  The conversation turned to a precious photograph album that was stolen from us.  One of my friends mentioned some of weird and wonderful things that were contained within those pictures and the strangest thing she remembered was a photograph of the wine bottle we used to use when reenacting a pivotal scene from The Lost Boys.  Used to use – not used, this was a regular occurrence for us when we were 14 years old, and that was before I even discovered Anne Rice or Bram Stoker.  I best not go into what I get up to these days 😉

February’s Full Snow Moon

The Snow Moon

Just took this picture from my house – not too bad considering. Look out for the full moon tomorrow night.  February’s moon is known as Snow Moon due to it supposedly being the month with the heaviest snowfall.  It has also been referred to as the Hunger Moon because hunting would have been so difficult in those conditions.  Not been much snow here for a while, luckily I’ll be heading off to the alps next month to get my fix. 😉

The full moon affects more than just werewolves you know, so if you’re feeling a bit weird over the next few days maybe that’s why.  Happy moon gazing.