Page 2, Chapter 1, of the 365 page book that will be 2014

Let me start by wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year. The name of the year is beyond futuristic now, it’s simply not a valid name at all.

As I glanced back over the past twelve months, I wouldn’t have said it’d been the most memorable year. In fact I would describe it as a bit of a blahh year. The macaroni cheese of main courses or the tapioca of deserts. But if I look a little closer and really recall the good things that happened then I can only describe it as a fantastic year.

After all I had two books published. Now that doesn’t happen everyday. Okay so they are not best sellers (yet) but I’m working on it. I also spent a week in my beloved Spain, and a fortnight in Cyprus, which is a place completely new to me. I remember staring at the warm ocean with the sun glistening off the surface and knew I’d be able to recall that image when ever I needed a lift. And it works, too.

Also, I started running this year. Okay, so I’m no marathon runner, but on a good day I can just about wheeze and splutter my way around 5k.

In September my husband treated me to the most wonderful day out for my (ahem) milestone birthday, with lunch on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower gazing down upon the sun-drenched city of London, followed by a stroll along the Thames and coffee on the riverbank. Bliss.

In fact I started dating again– my husband that is 🙂 We decided that as we have such busy lives, that one night a week we should go out for a drink on our own. Much as we adore our kids, we always look forward to that particular evening each week.

And finally I ended the year marking 30 years of a very strong friendship with my best friend. I am now sporting a brand new tattoo (never too old eh).

So before you glance back and think what a blahh year you had, recall the good things, I bet there were a few 🙂


3 thoughts on “Page 2, Chapter 1, of the 365 page book that will be 2014

  1. Diane says:

    It’s the little things that make the difference and really lots of your little things were actually pretty big
    All the best for 2014.

  2. Joseph Pinto says:

    🙂 Belated happy new year!

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