Troubles in Malia, Crete.

According to recent news reports, it seems that Malia has taken on the reputation of many European party towns and won. Malia, Crete, is considered a troubled town plagued by drunken tourists and violence. Unfortunately this is nothing new. Having worked out there nearly twenty years ago, I can honestly say things were not much better then. That is the reason I based my Verado Vampire series in that very town. I wanted somewhere edgy and troubled – my characters thrive on it.


I understand that young tourists want to let their hair down and have a good time, but why can’t we learn to enjoy ourselves without disgracing ourselves and our country?

Of course no one can think of a solution to this problem but having visited Faro a number of years later, I wondered if they already have the answer. Being more used to the crazy nightlife of Albuferia, we were surprised to find the alleyways and backstreets filled with tables and chairs. Low lighting illuminated the area and the streets were filled with calming music. Seated at those tables were all the young Portuguese people who seemed to be enjoying their evening, whilst maintaining their dignity. I wondered why other European towns didn’t adopt their attitude.

Okay, so here is my solution.

A – Get rid of alcopops and shots aimed at kids. Stick to lager, wine and spirits.

B – Tone down the throbbing dance music and play relaxing chill-out music instead.

C – Lower the lighting. Create a subdued atmosphere where people would be more inclined to socialize than fight each other.

D – Perhaps even adopt some kind of dress code. You know – one which states that you have to actually wear some clothes!

Okay, so maybe this is a naive idea, but if the young Portuguese can enjoy more subdued evenings, then why can’t the Brits?


One thought on “Troubles in Malia, Crete.

  1. Diane says:

    It’s so very sad isnt’ it – Majorca when we went for our honeymoon was an idyll now an awful lot of it is dreadful, Cyprus was heaven again much of it now no more than a nasty night club and on and on. when we first started going abroad in the sixties we had to dress for dinner and it was so special and we all loved it now it just seems that so many places are simply a free for all with no moral standards, as you say if the local young people can behave in with some self respect why oh why can’t the visitors. Sigh .

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