A little sophistication please

Just once in a while, I crave a night out which requires a pair of skyscraper heels and a little black dress. My cravings were satisfied this week with a trip to the ballet. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not usually a ballet kind of person, but I do have a penchant for anything with a slightly gothic undertone and the Sofia National ballet‘s production of Giselle certainly didn’t disappoint.

Sofia National Ballet

Sofia National Ballet

There is something about the ballet which takes you back to childhood. Watching the grace and beauty makes you believe that one day, you too can become a Prima Ballerina. Okay, so maybe it’s a little too late for me but hey, a girl can dream.


One thought on “A little sophistication please

  1. Diane says:

    I’ve only been to a professional performance once and I was totally blown away by it. I keep saying I’ll do it again – I really must. Beautiful image. thanks for this nudge. Mind you I won’t be wearing killer heels, I’d break my neck 🙂

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