Are you one of life’s ‘extras’?

I was watching an episode of the drama series ‘Lewis’, last night and my attention was drawn, as it often is, to the plethora of extras milling around in the background.

I suggested to my husband that I’d quite like to be an extra, wandering around in the background of life. I wondered then, if that is exactly what we are. Nameless, faceless extras just milling around in the background of other people’s lives.

Grand Central Station


2 thoughts on “Are you one of life’s ‘extras’?

  1. Diane says:

    I think you make a very good point, we can’t all be stars but as long as you are star of your own life I guess that’s okay. I do feel that the internet allows us to indulge our passions and share what we do and so things that would have ended in a drawer or the back of a cupboard can be shared and give us a little warm glow of achievement.

  2. princesslizzykins says:

    You can view this in two ways. Yes, we are “extras” in the lives of the millions who we have no connection to and that, if we let it, could be quite depressing. However, we are also on the named cast list of many. If we weren’t in any of the scenes in the lives of those we love, then their story just wouldn’t be as good. I like the idea of having the choice of which we want to be, depending on our mood. There are days where I simply want to be in the background, not noticed by anyone, and just watching the stories of others take place. Then there are the days when I want to be part of the main cast, being sociable, having a “speaking part”. Then, of course, there are those times where I need to be the star of the show, the diva with the star on my dressing-room door!

    I think it’s ok to be all of those things; Important AND insignificant all at once.

    (and, Jenny, you will ALWAYS be the star in my life…) xxxxx

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