“It’s all right for you…you only have to worry about your pretty.”

Is what my nine-year old daughter said to her cat. I suppose she is right as I watch the kitty elegantly washing her delicate white paws. But then I wonder what my little girl means by that. After all, she comes from a happy home. She has a mum, dad and brother who love her and she is doing well at school. So surely all she has to worry about is her pretty too. It’s difficult to know what goes through the mind of a nine-year old – what she thinks about and worries about. I remember being surprised by her fear of highschool. It wasn’t the size of the place that bothered her but the fact that she couldn’t reach the lockers. I pointed out to her that in two years time she will be quite a bit bigger than she is now. In any case, the highschool she’ll be attending doesn’t have lockers.

Anyway, her kitty may be pretty on the outside, but she is a violent killer who eats her victims whole. I swear she sits in the trees with her mouth wide open just waiting for the birds to fly in. And as you can see, it’s exhausting work.


3 thoughts on ““It’s all right for you…you only have to worry about your pretty.”

  1. Fluffy Tufts says:

    I remember being terrified of high school too. For me, I was worried because the older girls seemed so big!

  2. Diane says:

    Ah but when nature made perfect she called it a cat. As for high school, well by the time that she gets there with her friends and the excitement of it all I’m sure your little girl will be fine. It would be interesting to know though what prompted the comment wouldn’t it.

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