That was one hell of a strange week.

This past week has been the strangest I’ve had in a long time. The highs and lows have been monumental and made my head spin.

Tuesday marked the beginning of a very odd week for me. It all began at my kid’s primary school. My son has reached the end of year six and is currently in his final weeks of little school. Each year, the current year six’s put on an epic production, which is weeks if not months in the making. This year it was called Cinderella and the Pantomime Thief. The kids have worked so hard on it over the past half term, it really has been all they’ve been focusing on, so I was very eager to see it. Now, my son is not what you’d call an extrovert, actually he’s quite the opposite, so I was surprised when he put himself forward for a major role – but not surprised that he didn’t get it.

The play was very good, the kids did themselves proud, but my God was it long. After two and a half hours and a very numb butt, the play finally drew to a close. ‘We just have time for one last song,’ said the teacher, and a hushed moan came from the audience. As she said that, the projector sparked to life and beamed across the hall infant school pictures of all of our children with the tagline ‘2005-2012’. The song they sang was a heart-felt goodbye song bidding farewell to the school they’d all grown up in, and to their primary years, as they all embark on the next part of their lives. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Well done those kids, and what a fabulous evening we all had.

On Wednesday, I received some news that I was dreading, but expecting. Gemma, (a very close friend of my good friend Hetty) died after a nasty battle with cancer. Although I didn’t know her, I have tried as best I can to support Hetty through a very difficult period in her life. She has been spending as much time as possible at Gemma’s house or the hospice where Gemma spent her final weeks. I have no doubt that Hetty made a huge difference to Gemma’s final months and would be grateful to have had a friend like that stand by her until the end.

On Thursday, I helped another friend out with the launch of her business; ‘Rock the Frock’. My assistance consisted of me and seven other women donning our wedding dresses and parading around in front of a group of photographers. Luckily the venue chosen was on of my favourite pubs called The Black Horse Inn, in Great Linford. We really had a blast, the weather was glorious and the photographs have turned out very well. It was the most fun I’ve had in years.

On Friday, I took Hetty out for a drink to see how she was coping. As always laughter came through the tears and we put the world to rights as we so often do.

On Sunday, I joined my husband’s family in a rehearsal evening for a party we are going to next weekend. The party has a Eurovision theme so we’ve had to suck it up and put a song together. It’s quite clear that we are not a musical bunch, so I think a few glasses of something strong will be a must. The song we have chosen is Chanson D’Amour, as there are only a few lines to learn. It’s going to be funny, if nothing else.

On Monday, I rounded off my odd week of highs and lows by rushing the kids into town at the crack of dawn to watch the olympic torch relay parade. We walked, so only just made it in time. And although short and sweet, I’m glad we made the effort. The kids just loved the atmosphere and appreciated that it’s probably a ‘once in a lifetime’ event.


One thought on “That was one hell of a strange week.

  1. Diane says:

    My word that was a long year that week!!!! I love going to the school events when we can and usually end up crying buckets – unashamedly to be honest, I’m a granny – I’ve paid my dues 🙂 It seems to me that you are being as strong and supportive for your friend as she was for hers – I hope that she finds the strength to remember the good times and that the pain lessens each day. Good luck with the singing – I would never, ever, ever be able to do that I am completely tone deaf, if I offer to sing a goodnight song for the little boys they ask for a poem instead 🙂 – Diane

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