Candle light and wine …

Set the scene for a long-awaited Fright Night, hosted by a good friend of mine. We love a good scary movie and after careful consideration decided upon the Blair Witch Project. In case you missed it, the film is about a trio of amateur film makers (Heather, Josh and Michael) who set out to discover the truth about Maryland’s fabled Blair Witch. After interviewing locals, the three set out into the vast woodland in search of the legend. Just in case you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you but suffice to say, it all goes pear-shaped from there.

It’s hard to believe it is really thirteen years since we were bombarded by the hype of that particular film.  People were led to believe it was a factual documentary,  and were queueing down the streets to see it when it first came out. It’s probably the best marketing ploy any film company had ever embarked upon and made it one of the most successful independent films ever made.

I didn’t really get to watch it properly the first time around. I remember hosting a Halloween movie night at my house and was too busy hosting to actually see much of the film. A couple of my guests also managed to talk their way through it stopping anyone really getting a proper feel for it.

After watching it properly last night, my opinions were very mixed. I had a banging headache from the relentless screaming and moaning of one of the lead characters – Heather, and felt an air of satisfaction when she met her fate. After the disappearance of Josh two-thirds of the way through, I couldn’t help thinking – yes, I think I would’ve ditched her too!

I’m not sure that I actually enjoyed the movie, I certainly didn’t find it frightening, but I appreciated the unusual concept and original storyline.


One thought on “Candle light and wine …

  1. Diane says:

    I remember the hype around this film. I don’t watch these because I find they stay with me too long. My daughter though is a total scary movies fan and she watched this and found it really frightening. I think it must be that if it touches something in your psyche it will have more of an effect. Interesting!

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