The icing on the pink frosted cupcake.

I always think it’s strange how conversation flows from subject to subject without you noticing. Last night I spent the evening at one of our local pubs with some very good friends.  The stunning 13th Century pub, I believe, is the oldest in the town. Without much history in our new town we relish every little piece we have. This pub, The Swan, unfortunately went up in flames just a couple of weeks before Christmas. With so much trade at stake, the landlords vowed to have it up and running by Christmas. No one would have believed they could actually do it … but they did.

These images were taken during and just after the fire.

Yesterday was the first time I’d been to the pub since the fire. It is currently tightly wrapped in plastic like a giant christmas present. Although only two-thirds of the interior are accessible, but you would never know there had ever been a fire.

The pub has always been popular and it was cosy to say the least. Squashed around a tiny table, we whiled away the evening putting the world to rights. We talked about everything from vegetarians and veganism to Jamie and the magic torch. I had it in my head that my friend reminded me of Crystal Tipps from the 70’s kids show but I realise now, she is the spitting image of Long Distance Clara, from Pidgeon Street. In return, she said I was like a pink frosted cupcake that would melt if I went out in the rain. I’ve no idea what she meant by that.


2 thoughts on “The icing on the pink frosted cupcake.

  1. Diane says:

    A pink frosted cupcake – well she obviously thinks you’re sweet and a treat to be with 🙂

  2. princesslizzykins says:

    You are SO a pink frosted cupcake. Best description of you I’ve ever heard!! Love you xx

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