Like a warm summer breeze, I cool your hot skin

I refresh you, revive you and draw myself in.

I cloak you and heal you and whisper your name

Breathing and sighing, and playing your game.


You seem unaware of my change of direction

As the air becomes colder you seek my protection.

You try to take shelter but I’m far too persuasive

You feel my storm building, and the wind is abrasive.


It’s too late to run; the hurricane’s found you

You try to stay up while tornados surround you.

I want you to realize I’m all that you needed

And without me beside you, you’re alone and depleted.


Battered and bleeding I flail at your skin

I’ve beaten you down, so you know that I’ll win.

Like the air that surrounds you, I’ll go on forever

Tearing away at your happiness for pleasure.

Copyright J Lawrence 2012



3 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. ooh yes, lovely and spiky and sharp and flinty – loved it

  2. Could also be called addiction. I like it, I think that you have encapsualted it perfectly

  3. princesslizzykins says:

    Jen, this is fantastic! Your poetry gets better and better xxx

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