Mothers Day.

Yesterday, here in the UK we celebrated Mothers day. I’m blessed with a large family and we decided that because there are so many mothers, that we would all celebrate together.

After waking up to chocolates, flowers – both real and home made, cards – again both shop bought and home made, we all went out for lunch. We were a party of twenty-one and had such a warm relaxing afternoon, catching up and enjoying time together.

After lunch we passed through a small Northampton village and the one thing that struck me was the amount of cars parked outside the cemetery gates. At first I assumed there must have been a funeral taking place but as I glanced inside those walls, it was clear that the mothers that are no longer with us were also being remembered by their loved ones.

So, for all the mums out there, the ones still with us and the ones who aren’t – you are loved.


Happy Mothers Day.


2 thoughts on “Mothers Day.

  1. Waht a lovely heartwarming post – I am away from my children at the moment but they didn’t forget me and I had a lovely chat with my mum and was delighted to know that my brother and sister -in-law were going to see her and my dad and to spend the night – I felt very blessed.

  2. pussypaws says:

    I just welled up reading this. So thoughtfully written. xxxx

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