Skiing in Le Tour, Chamonix

I was fortunate enough to spend last week skiing in the French Alps with my family. We try to go skiing every year because, as well as being the only sport I can tolorate, the scenery is just breathtaking and I have to get my fix of mountain air.

My children have been lucky enough to go several times already and now are at the stage where I have to break my neck just to keep up with them. I don’t suppose it’ll get any easier as they get bigger and stronger.

This year, we went as a family party of 20. My brother in Law had just turned 50, and decided he wanted to stay at the best possible chalet for his big day. He chose Chalet Les Seracs, in Le Tour near Chamonix.

The Chalet was stunning, I can highly recommend it for a large, self catering party. The comprimise was that we would save money by driving down instead of flying.

I can now tell you it is a 700 mile journey with approx £100 each way of toll roads. We have driven through France a few times before, and it is always a pleasure. The french countryside is just stunning, whatever the weather. The day we journeyed down, it was -20 and boy did it feel like it. It had snowed here and we followed the white stuff all the way to Chamonix.

Our first couple of days on the slopes saw bitterly cold weather but the snow conditions were just about perfect and there was enough blue sky to keep me going. After a day of snow on Wednesday, the weather picked up and so did the temperature. From -20 to +5, what a difference a couple of days can make.

More pix on my flickr.

If anyone is interested, the chalet website is:


One thought on “Skiing in Le Tour, Chamonix

  1. Diane says:

    My son and his family go there often and love it. Not this year though due to a mending sports injury. Lovely pictures.

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