The Full Wolf Moon – 9th January ’12

What a wonderful name for a moon. Okay, so other names have also been attributed to January’s Full Moon such as Old Moon and Snow Moon but nothing quite beats the image of a lone wolf baying at a full moon.

For me, winter moons are the most atmospheric. Misty, cold nights with bright, white moons evoke stories of ghosts and werewolves. It’s the perfect time to take that walk through your local graveyard and see what might await you.

The weather has been unseasonably warm and the sky looks clear enough to get a glimpse of the moon tonight. The past few evenings have seen a bright moon haloed in wisps of cloud. Natures beauty knows now bounds.  I hope tonight is just as lovely.

Happy Moon Gazing.


One thought on “The Full Wolf Moon – 9th January ’12

  1. Diane says:

    yes indeedy. It has been mentioned on the radio several times this evening just how beautiful the moon is tonight. From my lounge window it is absolutely glorious sailing in a sea of pewter streaks of cloud – Thank you mother nature.

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