A nice day to start again.

As I box up Christmas to the dulcet tones of the Kings of Leon, I can’t help thinking that time seems to carve a different path over the holidays. It seems like only a few days since I turned this house into Santa’s grotto and now Christmas is packed neatly away into four large boxes, ready to be stowed away for another year.

I can’t deny that I’m glad 2011 is over. Looking back over it makes me quite blue. It’s not a year I wish to remember.  Friendships have come and gone. Family tensions have run high, thankfully all now resolved. Loved ones have passed on and tenants have robbed us blind.

I still think the most upsetting part of the year was back in September, the loss of my beautiful 18 month old cat, Boots. He was killed on my birthday so it was a real kick in the teeth for me. The kids still talk about him all the time and my daughter found a picture she’d drawn of him that he’d walked all over with muddy paws. It’s now on her wall. We’ve all agreed that he’s gone on a cruise. It seems to help and keep us smiling.

Sox and Boots

I really hope 2012 brings luck and good fortune for all.


2 thoughts on “A nice day to start again.

  1. Diane says:

    I send you wishes for great joy, for peace, safety, happiness to you and yours for the New Year.

  2. J Lawrence says:

    Thank you Diane. All the best to you for 2012.

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