Just one of those days …

Well, it was going to be. The day started with a flat tyre on my 4×4. The tyres are huge, ‘sausage tyres’ so it was going to take far too long to pump up. My husband suggested I take his saloon and he would walk to the station after finishing pumping the tyre for me. So that is what I did – isn’t he lovely.

On the way to school (we’ll call it ‘school run number 1’), we chased rainbows all the way, which although very pretty and sweet, meant that we pulled up at the school in a torrential hurricane/down-pour with no umbrellas in the saloon (there are four in ‘sausage tyres’).

My daughter, who was dressed for her Christmas party, was ever-so slightly grateful that I’d taken her coat even though she insisted that her cream, fur stole would be more than sufficient on party day.

On the way back to school (we’ll call it ‘school run number 2’), with a brilliant blue sky and not trusting ‘sausage tyres’, I decided to take my husband’s saloon once again. Half way to school I noticed the colour of the sky had changed from blue to deep black. Again, I had no umbrellas.

I sat in the saloon as the sleet-storm turned to a snow-storm and my windows began to steam up. A good friend of mine got shouted at by a local bully for parking in the wrong space so I sent her home in floods of tears and promised to deliver her kiddies home safe and sound.

Standing outside the school with no umbrella, of course my son was the last one out. I hauled four cold, wet, grizzly kids back to the car then scrapped all the snow off. Now, unlike ‘sausage tyres’, saloon is a bit like an ice skate when it comes to slushy roads, believe me, we’ve come a cropper before. So as I progressed at 10mph the snow turned back to sleet, then to rain and then stopped.

I’ m now at home in front of the fire, drying off and hoping tomorrow is going to be sunny.



One thought on “Just one of those days …

  1. Diane says:

    Just think this is now a memory “The day the 4×4 had a flat tyre” and you can remember it and talk about it when your children are grown and it will be precious and lovely.

    I hope that tomorrow is kinder to you and yours and that the local bully finds some kindness.

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