Fulfilling a childhood dream

Well, it’s only taken twenty years but my friends and I finally made it to see the Lipizzaner stallions from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

The Spanish Riding School of Vienna has practised classical dressage for over 400 years. The Lipizzaner stallions have to be the most beautiful horses on the planet, and the only horses that can actually be referred to as white not grey. They weren’t always white though. Lipizzaners used to come in all the usual equine colours but as white was the preferred colour they were subsequently bred to please. Born brown, the horses slowly turn white but once in a while a horse will stay brown, that lucky horse becomes the mascot.

Their elegance is second to none. They possess fairytale grace and beauty with perfectly coordinated routines and flawless dressage moves,  the affinity between horse and rider is palpable and we were left marvelling at their famous ‘Airs above the ground’ with moves including levade, capriole and courbette.

As I haven’t allowed my friends to forget, I was once fortunate to ride a Lipizzaner stallion at the Lipica stud in Slovenia (sorry girls but I couldn’t not mention it haha!)


2 thoughts on “Fulfilling a childhood dream

  1. princesslizzykins says:

    Beautifully written memories of a fantastic and bucket-list fullfilling night. Love you Jen xxxxx

  2. Paula G says:

    Ditto – a dream made reality with the only people that would have made it right. Xx

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