Weathering the storm

A cat amongst the pigeons

A shard beneath the sand

Fanned flames of discontentment

Doused into the ground.


Wild rivers of betrayal

Begin to flow with calm.

Beyond the dark horizon

Stars begin to form.


A bridge that once was broken

Is carefully restored.

The raging storm’s subsiding

In time for a new dawn.


Daybreak brings restitution

The sun’s not far away

The radiant atonement

Turns darkness into day.

Copyright J Lawrence 2011


2 thoughts on “Weathering the storm

  1. Diane says:

    Lovely expression of this sentiment and a super picture – thanks for sharing this

  2. J Lawrence says:

    For me, this poem reflects an unusual week with peaks and troughs more extreme than usual.

    A week comprising of funerals, interviews and the continuing journey along that ever-rocky road to publishing.

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