New seasons

It’s hard to believe we’ve come to the end of September already. I guess with the unseasonable heat and vivid blue sky it would be easier to believe we were approaching August rather than rapidly approaching October.  It’s only the leaves carpeting the ground and the misty autumn mornings that give the real season away.

Since finishing my re-write of The Workers, my attention has turned to Katya and I must say it’s difficult to engage myself with it at the moment. I don’t know, perhaps I’m distracted by the sunshine, I know I always write better in the dark.

To keep Katya in line with the new look of the first novel, I think there will have to be quite a lot of re-writing so I really need to find the will to go through Katya with the same fine toothed comb. I know it’ll be worth the hard work so I’ll keep you posted.



One thought on “New seasons

  1. Diane says:

    Good luck with the editing and re-writing and enjoy the autumn sunshine, it will only be Autumn 2011 once after all.

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