In Mourning for Summer

I can no longer deny that the summer I so longed for is coming to an end. The heat I craved has gone, and clouds have taken up residence in the sky threatening to keep the sun hidden for the foreseeable future.

Okay, so it wasn’t a great summer here in the UK, but let’s face it, it rarely is.

There’s something special about autumn though. The natural beauty that takes us through those early stages, the leaves turning stunning shades of gold, red and brown. The cool blue of the sky (when it’s not blanketed in cloud that is.) Misty sunsets and the way the sun keeps to a lower path lighting the sky as a ball of fire.

I think everyone agrees that there is nothing quite like listening to the wind and rain buffet against the window-panes as we sit beside a crackling fire, all warm and cozy. Mmm bliss.

I always find it more difficult to get inspired in the summer. Perhaps the light nights and warmth do little for my chosen genre, or perhaps it’s because I just want to sit in the garden and lap up those rays. The extra time and darkness of autumn and winter seem to fulfill my creative requirements and get those juices flowing.

These pleasures may be short-lived as the season moves on and we tire of being cold and rained on, but it is certainly enough to keep me going for now.


2 thoughts on “In Mourning for Summer

  1. Diane says:

    Absolutely agree, Autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons and then cosy days writing to look forward to with no gardening and such like to tempt one outside. Beautiful picture.

  2. Hi – normally I like autumn too but after two terrible summers it is starting to feel like we live in perpetual autumn/winter. Also, the day is starting to end earlier and earlier and that makes the evenings seem far too long. Anyway hope we all have a good, creative autumn. Marie, Thames Ditton.

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