Under the Spanish skies.

Returning from Spain to the UK was, as ever, hard. There is something about that country that has drawn me to it for decades now. Of course the intense heat has a lot to do with it but it is more than that. Bustling markets places, oceans of pure blue, beaches deserted like clockwork at siesta and the intense importance of family.

This time the heat caused us to live out more of a Spanish lifestyle. Okay, so I will never get into the siesta mode but living half by day and half by night became normal to us. We swam in the ocean every afternoon and spent the evenings visiting towns and tourist attractions.

Some how we managed to visit Elche on fiesta day, about a million firecrackers were set up by the roadside which sounded like the blitz as the explosions reverberated off buildings and around courtyards. Windows rattled in their frames and children cried. It was amazing. And when it was over everyone disappeared as if nothing happened.

Currently within the marina at Alicante, resides a full-scale replica of a Spanish Galleon I believe to be The El Santisima Trinidad. It is amazing, huge and beautiful. Although its interior is fully modern, it provides a little bit of history to the port. The original Galleon was defeated in the battle of Trafalgar and resides at the bottom of the ocean. This is the next best thing.

Castillo de Santa Barbara in Alicante has been being restored for as long as I can remember. Although it still remains the atmospheric ruin it has always been, the intensive work that has been carried out makes a visit far more interesting. Evening market stalls have been set up in the lower courtyard and it was positively bustling  with life. The views across Alicante are awesome.


One thought on “Under the Spanish skies.

  1. Diane says:

    Castillo de Santa Barbara- lovely photograph. Yes indeed the Spanish way of life really does have a lot to recommend it as does the Greek, French, Italian etc. as you remark one of the most important things in all of these countries is the importance of the extended family and the reverence for the older generations – is that real? Does it matter that much as long as it is perceived to be so. Jerash in Jordan is another old old city that is brought to life by the opening of stalls and the performance of theatre at the Jerash festival. so much better than the roping off and the sterility that results in such places as Roman Bath and Stonehenge

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