The Storm

Walking along the white frothy shoreline, the breeze played her ebony hair like the languid branches of a weeping willow. As the storm clouds began to threaten, she turned towards the ocean. Raw, icy water lapped over her toes, numbing her bare skin. The air was heavily laced with salt, its caustic flavour filling her nose and mouth with each inward breath. The sun was almost completely hidden now, snared behind dense, steely clouds. Her eyes were drawn to her left hand, to the solid gold band occupying her fourth finger. The ring had resided there for ten long years. Its once bright, honey cast, dulled tawny by time. Slowly she eased it off, caressing the mark left behind. She drew it to her lips, where the warm metal rested for a brief moment before she kissed it and tossed it far out into the sombre waters.

“Goodbye, my love.” Her words were lost on the harsh ocean wind. Taking a few steps back, she sat down on the cool grey sand, filtering its rough grains through her fingers. The first drops of rain began to fall with a soft thudding, as the perfect round droplets burst open on the soft ground. Silently she sat staring at the waves as they abraded the rugged, Irish coastline. The rain came harder now, the sporadic thudding turned to the rolling of a snare drum. For an instant, the clouds lit up in a sea of brilliant white, outlining their erratic forms. Electricity pulsed through the atmosphere skimming her skin and causing the tiny hairs to stand up. She wrapped her arms protectively around her body, her wet clothes clung to her and goose-bumps were beginning to form. Standing up, she took one last look out at the desolate seascape.

“Rest easy, my Jonathan. Though the ocean has claimed you, I shall see you again. Some day, when my time comes I will join you, and while your soul burns in my heart, we shall remain together.” She pictured her husband, a tall rugged man, wiry black hair shot through with silver flecks and his skin toughened by a harsh life at sea.

A deep rumbling resonated around her, drawing her back to the present. Turning around she smiled at the faces that awaited her, two young children had been holding back whilst their mother said her final goodbyes to her husband, their father lost to the depths during the last storm of this nature.

Copyright J Lawrence 2011


4 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. Diane says:

    Full of feeling and powerful like the storm

  2. Princesslizzykins says:

    Lovely. xx

  3. Very atmospheric and appeals to all senses. I’m so there!

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