Okay I admit it, much as I try to deny it, I am as superstitious as hell. It’s magpies you see, they get me every time. I literally cower from the sorrowful singular birds. I frantically count the distance before spotting the next one. I’ve decided that even if one  is lying dead on the grass, it still counts as one of my ‘two for joy’ if there’s a live one within the vicinity.  If the dead one is alone, then of course it doesn’t count at all.

So tell me how close two magpies have to be to each other for it to count as ‘two for joy’? My town is full of the damn things so every time I go out I see a plethora of the little black and white beasties, taunting me as one of the pair hide in the hedgerow waiting for me to pass by before emerging as part of a couple. As for the rest of the rhyme, three is not ‘for a girl’ to me, oh no, it’s two for joy plus one for sorrow. Four is not ‘for a boy’, its two times ‘two for joy’ (very pleasing). And so on and so on.

Confused, that’s okay then. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Superstitions.

  1. Diane says:

    I am also fairly superstitious and used to suffer a fear of magpies. One day I decided to just look at it sensibly. I saw one and noticed nothing that would cause me sorrow particularly. I noticed two and unfortunately had no added joy. etc.. etc.. Also you have to bear in mind that the Chinese (might be the Japanese – not sure on that) believe that they are very lucky as they are black and white and represent the Yin and the Yang. They are beautiful creatures, they mean you no ill (unless of course you are food!) and so enjoy them and love them as just more of mother earth’s creatures and precious for that. Now should we move on to broken mirrors!

  2. ella says:

    i love magpies they are a big part of my life and very significant in many ways … I relate them to magic and good fortune and when i see a lone one it’s as though he gives a little omen in my day and if i acknowledge it i will have better luck,,, i feel they look aftr me somehow…. I looked up the sybolic meaning recently and found that aside all th superstitious western stigma attatched to these birds there are a good few meanins to them being in your life,,, look up shamanic/totem meanings and also the chineses meaning is great because they see the magpie as a sign of good fortune… The magpie in my life tells me of magic and it is significant to the love of my life so very special and not negative at all … Ella xxx

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