A lunchtime Short; Something a little different.

Slamming the door of the patrol car, Officer Mitchell keenly stated, “This is definitely the right place, Taylor. Look, that’s Webber’s truck parked out front. I recognize the plate.” Gesturing to a door partially hidden by conifers he continued, “I’ll take the front door, and you head around the back. We can’t give him the chance to escape this time.” The two officers split up dividing their manpower as far as possible. Mitchell peered in through the obscured glass of the front door and pressed his thumb hard against the bell push. He listened for the faint sound of a doorbell emanating from somewhere within the dark, dingy semi. “Come on answer, you son of a …”

“Mitch … Mitch, I can see him, he’s in the kitchen and he’s got the kid with him.” Officer Taylor called with excitement.

“That’s it … I’m going in.” Mitchell threw all his weight against the front door. It didn’t shift. Once again he planted his body into the glass, with a loud cracking sound, the wood frame gave, and Mitchell was stumbling into the opening. “I’m in,” he called to his colleague. His heartbeat thumped hard in his ears as adrenalin raced through his system. He could hear the sobbing of a child and followed the heart wrenching sound. “Webber, it’s over.” Mitchell shouted as he ran down the hallway to towards the kitchen. Webber stood frozen, the girl was within his reach. Mitchell stopped for a millisecond to assess the situation before springing for the child. Webber grabbed her and pulled her into him. He turned and made for the back door. “No chance, you asshole, we’ve got you covered. Now give the girl to me.”

“You’re not taking her. She’s mine.” Webber fumbled blindly behind him with his free hand, locating a dirty carving knife resting in the sink. He grabbed it and held it to the girl’s throat. “Come any closer and she’s gonna die.”

“You know you’re not going to kill her, Webber. What you did to your wife is one thing. I don’t know, maybe she deserved it, but I know you won’t harm a defenseless little girl, your own flesh and blood. Even you can’t be capable of that.”

The girls sobs became hysterical “I want my mummy, please Daddy, please don’t hurt me.”

“Taylor, get in here. Now!” Mitchell cried.

“I’m right behind you.”

“If I can’t have her no one can.” Webber pressed the knife into the soft skin just above the neckline of his daughter’s pretty floral sundress.

“For God’s sake shoot him, Taylor.”

The sound of the gunshot echoed around the kitchen, blood exploded onto the window and covered the sink and drainer. Webber slunk to his knees; his weight dragged the girl beneath his bloody remains.

“Quick, we have to get her out of there,” said Mitchell as he heaved the dead man’s body off of the little girl. “I think she’s okay, I’ll get her outside, and you can deal with this mess.”

The sound of sirens confirmed backup was once again, just a little bit too late.


One thought on “A lunchtime Short; Something a little different.

  1. Diane says:

    short but very sharp – thanks

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