Bumping Up the Word Count.

So I’m making a real effort to continue to work on my first Véradó novel this month (see right).  The brutal editing that ‘The Workers’ has undergone, has stripped nearly 15,000 words out, and that’s word count that I can’t afford to lose.

I had a bit of a dilemma of how to bump it back up again, after all, the story’s been told.  I don’t feel the need to add scenes or over dramatise what’s already been written for the sake of my word count, it would feel like I’m cheating the reader.  So I’ve opted for more dialogue between characters.  While I go through the latest draft it has become apparent to me that my characters have so much more to say than I’d previously allowed them.  This is proving fun – and who knew editing could actually be fun. So I’m back into my schizophrenic zone out, where my characters are constantly chattering away to each other inside my head … is there any medication I should be taking for that?


2 thoughts on “Bumping Up the Word Count.

  1. Mick says:

    No change there then!

    Actually medication would stunt the conversations so, my advice, stick with the coffee and keep chatting away. I’ll hold off the white-coat men for a while … but not sure how long I’ll cope for …. might have get reinforcements.. will Terry do? He’s not as strong as me but he’s all I got.


  2. dannym says:

    Editing – Fun !!! Wow well done – enjoy 🙂

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