Do you remember where you were?

After the royal wedding it brought to mind how funny it is that we never forget where we were or what we were doing when these poignant events take place.  I’ve had a think about some of the ones that stand out in all our minds and can recall exactly what I was up to at the time.

Sinking of The Herald of Free Enterprise – I was just about to go on school trip to France, the ferry we went on was The Spirit of Free Enterprise.

Hillsborough Stadium disaster – I was eating crisps in the school hall discussing it with my teenage friends.

Death of Princess Diana – I remember cutting wallpaper on the living room floor of my first home watching the  news coverage. The following day I had a job interview in London so afterwards went to Buckingham Palace to witness the sombre vigils.

9/11 – Staring at the TV in awe with the washing machine repair man. I had to change my baby so the repair man kept a  running commentary for me.

London winning the 2012 Olympic bid –  Hard at work in my booth with the radio on.

7/7 – Home, panicking because my husband was in London and un-contactable.

Charles & Camilla wedding announcement – Browsing Comet, it came up on the hundreds of display tvs, didn’t buy one though.


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