Daisychains and Chardonnay.

When my daughter suggested we go for a picnic, just the two of us, I thought it was a really sweet idea.  She’s only seven and as my son was out at a friend’s house, it left us girlies alone to do something … well girly.  She  retrieved and packed up the picnic bag with a healthy lunch consisting of a sandwich for her (I’d already eaten – oops) two bars of chocolate and two cans of coke. Well I never claimed to be Mother of the Year!

The lake was fairly busy which gave just the right atmosphere, with the temperature reaching  the mid twenties it really felt like summer had arrived early.  My little girl did some colouring and I took turns in reading my book and watching the world go by.  I taught her to make those little caterpillar daisy chains and she ran around me in circles … I don’t know why but it seemed necessary at the time.

Our Lake

After a couple of hours of chilling in the sunshine a family set up about twenty feet away.  Now I am one for my personal space so anything closer than 100 yards is just too close.  And so started the screaming, shouting and roly polies down the hill beside us.  On close inspection of what we were doing they decided that daisy chains were the order of the day for them too.  I try not to get irritated by those little things but when the mother screamed out ‘Chardonnay, get back ere’ I knew our picnic was over.

Don’t get me wrong – I’d happily have a lovely cool glass of the stuff, but there are really some things you just shouldn’t name your children.


2 thoughts on “Daisychains and Chardonnay.

  1. dannym says:

    I do so much agree – it is kind of okay if you are in a country where it is common to call your children Omo, Jif or Facebook and I know there are some but honestly what are these people thinking off. Sounded like a lovely couple of hours with you little girl though and making these memories for this is so very important. – Diane

  2. J Lawrence says:

    Facebook ha ha – yes only a matter of time I guess.

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