Editing again …

Once again I’ve been hard at work editing my vampire novel Verado – The Workers, so I’ve not had much time to add to my blog, therefore I thought I would share a piece from the preface with you, hope you like it:


The Workers

As the motorbikes pulled up outside the huge oak gates, they simultaneously shut off their engines, shocking the dark dusty road into silence. Displayed above the gates, a large wooden sign with the words Zeus Xenia burnt into it welcomed the three men home. They dismounted their bikes and were greeted by a small group of people who’d gathered outside eagerly awaiting their return.

Smeared with a mixture of blood and dirt, and with satisfaction ardently displayed on their faces they made their way inside. Their evening’s work was done. Once again order had been restored to the chaotic town they’d adopted as their home, and for the moment their ongoing debt to the island had been repaid. Now it was time for recompense. They thirsted, and these devoted disciples were keen to be the ones to sustain them.

Once inside the ancient courtyard they continued up to the weathered oak bar. Strings of lights shimmered on the breeze and the air held the subtle fragrance of the ocean situated just meters away. The bartender glanced up as they took their places. He greeted them with a warm smile and poured their preferred bourbon into the glasses that awaited them.

From the far side of the courtyard a woman approached them.  A snug black dress caressed every inch of her body and complimented her elegant dark features. As she homed on her target her lips curved subtly into a smile.

“Marshall, my darling … I missed you,” her undiluted Spanish accent chimed in his ears. She sided up to the vampire, her glossy chestnut hair scooped up into a sleek bun leaving her slender bronzed neck exposed and vulnerable. Marshall slid his hands down her arms and pulled her closely towards him, breathing in her warm aroma. It was not her fragrant perfume that enticed him but the scent of her blood that swept through his mind.

“Bonita…” he whispered as he leaned down brushing the hollow of her neck with his cool hungry lips, “I missed you too.”


4 thoughts on “Editing again …

  1. dannym says:

    Hello just popped in to have a another look at your dark and brooding blog. Love the pictures of French mountains and the crow on the moon. good luck with the editing. http;//dianemdickson.wordpress.com

  2. Priya says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    You’ve created a great atmosphere here. No, I don’t just mean this excerpt from your book, but also the entire virtual space of yours. I’d love to come back again.


  3. J Lawrence says:

    Updated – just a few small tweaks 🙂

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