Mountains of France

Well you can’t get much more inspiring than this:


I have just returned from a week skiing in Alpe d’huez, France, and although the conditions were not great for the sport the scenery was awesome.  I took these photos from our veranda on Friday morning just before we hit the slopes.  Just an immense lake of cloud shrouding the valley below us, blessing us with the brilliant blue sky above.  This is what you need to get those creative juices flowing.  We were also fortunate enough to have a hot tub on that veranda which we whiled away the evenings allowing the burning muscles to relax in the hot water with a glass or two of wine … bliss.  When it did finally snow the slopes were lovely although the difference between the blue and the red slopes were questionable.  It seems  to me that they stuck a pin in the piste map and said ‘right we’ll call this a blue, the rest can be red’ Personally I think I’d class all the slopes on that mountain as dark purple to match the colour of the bruises we incurred.


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