My Story, My Rules (or are they?)

Rules may be there to be broken, but as a rookie I am loathed to break them quite so brazenly.  Or should I just follow my instincts? (confused? … you will be!)

To cut a long story short, I wrote the preface to my book before I wrote the novel.  The preface is a flash forward to an event that the story slowly builds up to, a very poignant moment … a turning point in the book. Now I have been advised that the preface should never be a poignant moment from the story and I should think about re-writing it.  So that’s exactly what I’ve done, and now those who have read the new preface think I should revert back to the old one – ahhhh. They think the new one gives too much away and the previous one had all the drama and hooks that I was hoping to achieve.

I think I’ll go with my gut and change it back before I go any further, like I said, rules are there to be broken.  I mustn’t forget that this is my story, no-one elses, so my story – my rules! (Or perhaps I should just adhere to convention – ahhhhh)


3 thoughts on “My Story, My Rules (or are they?)

  1. Frankie says:

    Why do you even need a preface?

  2. It shows there is another world that my mc is about to stumble into. Like I mentioned, it’s just how the novel developed in the first place. I’m loathed to change it. Although I feel a bit like an optition asking which colour is strongest – Red or Green? … Red … or Green?

  3. dldzioba says:

    Advice is just that. It should be taken with a pinch of salt. Remember the rules are mostly our own making. If you ask a hundred different authors what the rules of writing are you’re not gonna get the same list twice. If it fits for your novel go with it. Personally, I’d like a poignant moment better. That’s just me.

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