Some people who’ve already read my book, asked me where the inspiration for the story came from.  They wanted to know how much of it I have drawn from my own experiences.

Initially I wanted to reply ‘It’s about vampires duh!’ But then I got thinking.  I guess we all play off our own experiences to some extent.  I would say more of it came from my own life than I care to admit to.  I have also been inspired by the wonderful places I have visited over the years and the unique people I have met along the way.  People I know, or have known motivated most of my characters.  I even used their real names initially, that way I could picture them clearly all the way through. It was easier for me to know how the character would react to each situation I put them in, knowing the person that lay behind them.  Is that cheating? I don’t know 😉


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. dldzioba says:

    I don’t think it’s cheating really, but I would hope you changed the names after the fact so you didn’t have a horde of people knocking down your door for including them in your novel.

    I often draw on people, places, and things I know in real life.

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