The Hole is cert 12 for a reason

We all enjoy a bit of a scare including our two kids (age 7 and 9) so we recently relented and for movie night we chose The Hole.

I remember as a young child I liked nothing more than Scooby Doo because the frights were guaranteed and you could still sleep easy at night knowing that they weren’t really ghosts at all, no it was always some psychotic nut case in a mask (so much better).

The Hole is about a family who rent a house in the suburbs and come across a trap door in the basement.  After removing all the padlocks they find it is covering a bottomless pit.  Out of the darkness emerge some nasty characters that seem to feed off of your inner most fears.

Two sleepless nights later my daughter now wishes we had a hole in our basement (we don’t have a basement) but that only nice people would crawl out of it in the night (eeewww).  She also realized (which I was quite impressed by) that the point of the film was that if you faced your fears you will get over them.  Not bad for 7.

Enjoy 😉


One thought on “The Hole is cert 12 for a reason

  1. dldzioba says:

    I agree, very smart for Seven.
    Sounds like the kind of movie I’d have to watch in the middle of the day with all the lights on and a buddy to keep me from getting to scared. I really am a wimp.

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